There’s a saying around trying to use reason and also logic to argue v a stupid person:

“Never pat chess v a pigeon.

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The pigeon simply knocks every the piece over.

Then shits anywhere the board.

Then struts about like that won.”

You might say it is what Hillary Clinton tried come do.

She tried come play chess v a pigeon.

Probably, never prior to has a candidate because that President that the USA to be so qualified as Hillary Clinton.

Probably, never prior to has a candidate to be so unqualified together Donald Trump.

Hillary tried come beat the at she game: the politician’s game.

She was much more intelligent, more articulate, much more prepared.

She knew every information of how federal government works.

Donald trump card knew alongside nothing, and he no care.

The more she tried to beat him at chess, the more he knocked every the piece over.

After the 3 debates, I saw Hillary’s untruthfulness score rated at 23% (that’s mistakes and/or lies).

23% is pretty good, Bernie Sanders was rated at 24%.

So Hillary was much more honest than many politicians.

Donald Trump’s score to be rated in ~ 67%.

More than dual the number of mistakes and/or lies.

But he no care.

At every debate, he knocked all the pieces over, shat almost everywhere the board and strutted roughly like that won.

And unbelievably the did win.

Because that wasn’t playing chess.

Hillary assumed she would victory by play chess much better than a pigeon.

But ordinary civilization were sick of the chess game.

It seemed to them prefer double-speak that ignored the genuine facts of their lives.

They complained that they had actually lost your jobs and their homes, and also now they had to live in a trailer-park ~ above food stamps.

The politicians would hold up graphs showing that joblessness was lower than it had ever been.

As if the graph to be the reality and also them not having a task was irrelevant.

The political leaders didn’t seem to treatment whether or not they had actually a job.

The politicians cared around winning the argument.

And they winner the debate with graphs and also statistics and also ‘expert’ reasoning.

And ordinary civilization felt inarticulate and stupid alongside the complicated chess game: the clever words and also abstract figures.

Then Donald Trump came along and he didn’t try to pat chess.

He simply knocked every the piece over, shat anywhere the board, and also strutted roughly like that won.

And, whether it to be the truth or not, ordinary people finally had someone who spoke in a language they might understand.

For the politicians, to win the chess game had come to be the end in itself.

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And for the people, the very first thing they want was to get rid of the chess game.