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The tale of the Phantom Cab

Lorraine: As component of our continued Halloween-themed posting, we will certainly be spanning a grasp of Are You fear of the Dark episodes. Us won’t be going in order, however I figured I’d begin with the very an initial episode because at the very least that way the display will carry out all the exposition because that me. Many thanks show! girlfriend shouldn’t have.

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We open with a shot of a blazing campfire, the Spooky Strings that Spooky points playing in the background. “We’re called The Midnight Society,” states a disembodied voice and also I immediately think, “but is it really midnight and if yes, whereby the heck space your parents,” prove once and for all that i am now old.


The voice becomes attached come some kid we’ll speak to White-n-Nerdy, until they otherwise repeat me that his name. White-n-Nerdy keeps narrating that all the youngsters of the Midnight culture are different. Together he’s saying this, we room panning throughout of the deals with of other an especially 90’s spring children. One thing ties these youngsters together and also it isn’t the reality that castle don’t have a bed time- it’s the fact that every week they gather to tell each various other scary stories. White-n-Nerdy states we are around to step into the Supernatural. With a lot less of this:


And much more of this:


On cue, some kid brings in another kid, that is blindfolded, feisty and some type of minority. That is a nominee because that the Midnight Society, and he will certainly be the one informing tonight’s story. They all sit around the campfire and also Fiesty minority whose name is Frank, says, “submitted for the approval the the Midnight Society…” child #2 throw something ~ above the fire to make it grow. The Internet has told me this is one of two people sand, potassium nitrate or MAGIC. “I contact this story the tale of the phantom cab.”

Our story in ~ a story starts through the introduction of two brothers, Denny and Buzz. Denny is solid and cool and Buzz is a geek. We’d understand this even without the narration due to the fact that Buzz is put on an- ew- backpack and Denny renders a fist for no evident reason. It’s also really great that they room on a long trip and also little, nerdy Buzz seems to be delivering all the equipment.

Buzz is looking in ~ compass and also saying things like, “this is whacked!” in a high-pitched, go WE mention HE’S A GEEK sort of voice. Denny is yelling at him for gaining them lost. That is at this suggest that Buzz drops of the leaf of whatever planet formation they room on. Denny tries to help his brother up and he yells, “Grab you jerk!” Welp. That’s one method to conserve a life. Denny traction Buzz safely up. Buzz beams the he conserved the compass and also Denny says, “I should’ve let friend fall.”

So, we’re in the outdoors, right? Prime are for Youth Mauling Bear to shut this little prick up, is every I’m saying.

It’s gaining dark and cold. Meanwhile, your parents don’t give a fuck. I’m implying the last part.

Buzz is looking at the compass again, saying that it renders no sense, due to the fact that they space heading southern as they must be, however are tho lost. Denny notices the he’s hold the compass beside his metal belt buckle, though, definition that the magnet in the compass is going come always allude toward his crotch. I laugh forever.

The brothers view a flashlight light approaching them and hope it’s a park ranger or someone who can show them ago to town. “Or possibly it’s a murderer,” Buzz says and also he knows what’s up. The man carrying the flashlight claims he isn’t a ranger and also that’s he’s “a traveler” choose they are. He’s additionally sort that lost, yet he to know these woods too well to ever be really lost. The brothers don’t uncover this statement disturbing.

Forest Creeper speak them that they need to follow him and also he’ll lead them to someone who can help. Buzz doesn’t want to follow due to the fact that Forest Creeper offers him the creeps. Denny is confident the in situation of emergency, or murder, he deserve to take on the woodland Creeper.

The FC leader them to a really fairy-tale-esque cabin and tells them that before they questioning the physician for help, they need to be certain they need it due to the fact that the price because that his assistance have the right to be steep. UH. Friend might’ve stated that before you led us deeper right into the woods, asshole. FC laughs maniacally and also disappears.

The grass beginning rattling around them, and also the ground starts laughing in ~ them, and also suddenly the trees space smoking and other creepy woods points commence. Spooked, the brothers run approximately the cabin and bang top top the door. It’s opened by bargain Priced Robin Williams in Jumanji.

Bargain Priced Robin Williams tells the youngsters they’ve made a huge mistake. Ns think they obtained that as soon as they saw your face, dude.

He pushes the kids inside and also it’s some kind of lab of evil-doing. BPRW introduces himself as Dr. Vink and also the Flutes the Whimsical Leprechauns starts play in the background and also I am very confused. Vink start babbling around nature and the brains of wild boars or part crap, ns don’t also know. Allude is the boys want to go home ’cause your parents (suuuuuuuure) must be worried about them. Vink claims that very first they have to answer his riddles.

“How much can friend walk right into the woods?”

Snark squad answers: it depends, is Christian Grey following you? since you won’t get really far if he is.

Secondary answer: LOL. The woods. Not.

Correct Answer: Halfway. After the you room walking out of the woods. Buzz it s okay it right.

Denny is all, “this is redic” and wants to call their parents yet Dr. Vink intimidates to reduced the phone call line. The boys should play by his rules which way another riddle. If lock answer correctly, they gain to speak to their parents. If not, then they have to leave.

“What is that that has actually no weight, have the right to be checked out by the naked eye and also if you put it in a barrel, it would make the barrel lighter?”

Buzz doesn’t recognize the answer therefore Vink says goodbye and dismisses them, “like every the others.” He sends out them off with directions come a surrounding path wherein a taxi cab will certainly be mysteriously choose them up in the center of the woods. After Dr. Vink says that he might reconsider letting them use his phone if lock left that a specimen (like, a hand) the boys scream and also finally get freaked enough to operation away.

Outside, the mid-wood taxi cab appears and the boys room all, “yeah. Absolutely. Let’s totally get in,” and they do, due to the fact that they deserve to dice for being stupid. Turns out the driver is forest Creeper, now with 10x much more white, powdery make-up. He explains that 40 years ago, the drove Dr. Vink right into the woods in his cab. Vink promised the a huge tip if he can solve the riddle, but he couldn’t. In ~ some allude after that, forest Creeper crashed his cab right into a tree, and also as he cracks his head back Exorcist style, educates us that he died. Also, the hand-in-a-jar Dr. Vink verified us as soon as belonged come him. For this reason now, the brings human being to Vink to see if they deserve to solve the riddle and break the curse. If castle don’t, lock die.


Forest Creeper is currently speeding them to their death, saying they have 30 secs left to deal with the riddle or rather boom, crash! Buzz repeats the hints like 87 times before he yells that he’s figured that out! The prize is a feet in the barrel: it’s weightless, can be seen through the nude eye and would do the barrel lighter. The cab keeps hurtling toward a tree but at the last second, it disappears and also the boys land for sure on the ground. They did it! They broke the curse.

Another auto approaches, but this time it’s a forest ranger who notifies them the their parental (riiiiiiight) have actually been looking everywhere for them, yet apparently not anywhere the forest. They hop right into the Jeep together the narration tells united state that no one ever saw the phantom cab again and that when Buzz and also Denny brought the police earlier to Dr. Vinks cabin, all the was left to be a stone structure and weeds.

The End.

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All the Midnight culture kids all look in ~ each other with SCA-RY face expressions and I really simply feel sad for them. They all vote Frank into the Midnight Society, due to the fact that apparently this was an impressive story?

The great of this story is one we space fond of right here abouts: perform not enter the woods. But, ns mean, if you space there i would usually avoid these things: holding the compass alongside your crotch, following strange men roughly the woods, entering strange cabins, comment riddles and also getting into mid-wood taxis. Ns mean, uneven you desire to gain raped and/or murdered.

Next time: A stupid child robs a clown nose and gets stalked in are You afraid of the Dark S01 E02 – The story of Laughing in the Dark.