First off wow I have hit write-up 101 with this summary! this evening our storyteller is Sam. The night beginning off through some tension, between The Gary and also Sam. The Gary bumps right into Sam together she is gathering some fire wood. Its really awkward for both the them. Anyway, The Gary bring away a seat on the log alongside Betty Ann. Betty Ann states “Did friend tell her?” come which the Gary replies ” Oh, yeah. I said… I claimed Sam, We’ve well-known each various other for a lengthy time now, and also I think friend know how I feel around you, so maybe we should simply talk around it and also decide if we must go the end for real.” Betty Ann asks “Yeah and?” The Gary replies “She claimed she chosen me too, but didn’t desire to get into a relationship, ideal now because she had actually a lot walk on, and … that cares why. The bottom heat is she doesn’t desire to have actually anything to execute with me. I should never have …” The two are interrupted through Stig, Tucker and also Kiki start the circle. Tucker inquires about who is up, and also Sam answer she is, and also The Gary has a pained look on his face. Let’s challenge it The Gary was feasible the an initial person ever to be put in the girlfriend zone.

“Gary you re welcome tell me every the deets about you and also Sam”- Betty Ann

Sam opens the story by speak “I’ve been conserving this story because that a lengthy time, and also I think tonight’s the best night come tell it. It’s a story about illusion and deception (so its type of tailor produced Gary?)”. Sam choose up a rock and also says ” some things might look familiar, however they can be hiding a secret that you’d never ever expect.” The absent isn’t a rock, however a geo rock. I will admit it is cool looking and also Stig seems right into it. Sam continues “It might be beautiful or mysterious, or like in my story something evil (so Sam is saying she’s a succubus?). ” very same grabs the campfire dust and also says ” Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I contact this story The tale of the Night Shift.”

Tonight’s story is The tale of the Night Shift

We are very first introduced to Felix, a maintain worker at a hospital. The is type of pushed about by his boss who calls that Zeebo, which is mean and also could lead to legislation suits. He has actually a like on Amanda, play by a young Emmanuelle Chriqui, and also is the girl that Felix’s dreams. Amanda is your usual overachiever. It’s the friend guessed the Night shift, and also Amanda is asked come show about Margot.


It cuts back to Felix, who has lost a water pump and is now searching for it in the boiler room. A girl appears and also tells him she desires to show him something (um I understand this show was on in ~ 9:30 pm on a Saturday, however this to be Nickelodeon no Cinemax). Felix follows the girl and also she’s turned into a vampire.

We space brought back to Amanda, that now needs to look end Colin the hot boy that knows her. The is obtaining his tonsils out. He desires Amanda to protect against working and take treatment of him. The night nurse, Laurette, is lured far by a kid who runs down the hallway, and the son turns out to it is in the shape shifting vampire.

Follow me Felix

Colin harasses Amanda because that a date, Amanda keeps informing him he is as well busy because that a date. Laurette provides an appearance and she is type of favor a zombie. This does no go unnoticed through Amanda. Later on that night Amanda is placing towels away and also Colin go to talk to her. The tells her his roommate has actually not comeback after gift away because that an hour. Colin convinces she to assist him discover his roommate bud. While trying to find Bud, they need to hide native the head nurse in a closet.


The closet is complete of supplied blood storage bags (you recognize to really ramp of the truth a vampire is loosened in the children’s ward the a hospital). Amanda tells Colin they carry out not save the bags in the closet, and something is wrong. Amanda calls because that Nurse Hantin, and also she has lugged evidence v her. Unfortunately for Amanda, the good nurse has had actually a operation in with a specific vampire. Amanda mentions just how they room shredded and in the closest. Amanda deduces that they should speak to security and Hantin concerns with her, and says the she will perform that. Yet she lies and also puts the phone ago down.

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Margot the new girl

Amanda speak Colin something monster is walking on and asks if Bud has actually comeback, i m sorry he has not. They walk to checkout the morgue. Colin is fascinated through the died body and pulls ago the extending to reveal, Felix! Amanda is traumatized yet Colin is weird fascinated through the body. Amanda mentions seeing Felix earlier and how he was fine. They leave the morgue and also Felix wakes increase from his sleep through an angry grin.


They go earlier to the desk to look because that Hantin and Laurette, only to uncover the phone call dead. They run right into the stairway and Felix comes walking up the stairs. Amanda is confused and says “But her dead.” Felix says “Sort of.” Colin is confused and Felix proceeds ” oh it’s no so bad, really. You’ll soon uncover out because that yourself.” Felix goes for Amanda’s neck and Colin pushes the away. Felix tells the two he was the an initial and drank too lot (I feel choose this to be telling children alcohol is bad). Amanda speak him lock will gain a doctor. Felix tells them “There space no doctors, there are no nurses, there room no patients. There’s nobody left!” basically the vampire is feeding just enough to not cause a panic, simply to survive. But once the vampire it s okay everybody that is going come comeback.


Amanda is the only person who hasn’t changed. Felix tells her that she can assist since she is no effected. The vampire shipped its self to the hospital in the disguises that a water pump. Felix mentions how it is funny that he is the one that signed for it. Felix takes them come the vampire’s coffin and that that is hunting in the hospital. Felix speak Amanda the they need to damage the coffin and also it have to take care of the problem.

Felix is sort of dead

Margot reflects up down in the boiler room searching for Amanda. Remember just how Felix told Amanda she was the just one left, well guess that the vampire is, freaking Margot! Margot educates united state on Vampires and also says “People obtained it all wrong. Vampires only need to feed about every 50 years or so, and also isn’t a hospital a great place for it? It’s like a liquid store.” Amanda speak Margot that Colin and also herself are going up stairs, yet they space stopped. Margot states “We haven’t to be properly presented yet.” She turns into the vampire and also suddenly sound like an adult male.

On A mission

Colin and also Amanda come up v a plan, wherein Colin will certainly drag the coffin away and Amanda will distract the vampire. Security tries to acquire Amanda, while Colin opens the incinerator. Amanda is cornered by everyone. She runs to the roof. Felix make the efforts to stop Colin.

The vampire says “I don’t prefer to work so difficult for my kills.” The vampire reminds me of the Joker together he laughs a lot. Felix is top top the verge the biting Colin, who reminds him that the vampire is going to gain Amanda. This helps carry Felix back long sufficient to aid him aid Colin to conserve Amanda. The 2 of them throw the coffin right into the incinerator. The vampire bursts into flames and also falls off the roof.

Coffin time!

Amanda goes back inside and everyone type of wakes up from the fog they were in. Hantin asks Amanda what happened to the new girl and also if she scared her off, to which Amanda states ” Yeah, something prefer that.” Amanda tells Colin nobody has any memory the what happened. Felix gets reprimanded by his boss in front of Amanda and also Colin around mopping the lobby. Felix states he remembers what happened and thanks her. Colin asks Amanda out on a second date, and she states she must inspect her schedule, take away a candy corn and tells the she have the right to squeeze in him.

This Vampire ~ above fireeeee!

Sam then ends the story by speak “The End.” Everyone preferred it and the Gary gets up to conveniently leave. However Sam calls for him and asks him come wait a sec. The Gary complies. Tucker and Stig make fun of them, yet Betty Ann is maintaining the boys in check. Kiki says “It’s acquiring a small hot”. Betty Ann v the conserve again! Sam then states “That story was around someone so liven being busy, they miss a many possibilities. Well ns was thinking about what girlfriend said… and maybe you and I have some possibilities.” The Gary is kind of out of the friendzone and says “Really? That’s great. Why Don’t I put out the fire — ” however Sam interrupts him and also says “No, not yet. I want to watch it a small while longer.” She takes his hand they sit ~ above the storytellers chair together while the camera pans down to the campfire.

It’s tiny Elisha Cuthbert

Fun fact: The small girl in this episode was play by Elisha Cuthbert, who would walk on to join the main cast in the very first reboot as Megan. I beg your pardon marks the second time the a reboot main cast showed up in an episode the first being David Deveau.

Overall ns really preferred this episode. Ns am glad that it gave Sam and also Gary a happy ending. It was a an excellent story that actually played right into the case going on in between the two of them. The idea the a vampire would desire to feeding on hospital patients to be interesting, yet it was type of fell brief as we discovered out at an early stage that the rogue was walk to it is in a vampire. Ns honestly would have actually wished for much more of an open up ended, finishing like what we obtained from Betty Ann in the story of Laughing in the Dark.

I offer The tale of the Night Shift a 6/10.

Until following time… Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I speak to this story: The story of Moira’s fear of the Dark? (But no really) season 5 episode 12 closed. You recognize what that means, the next blog article will officially close out the fist operation of are You afraid of the Dark? through the last tale said by our leader Gary, the is right following up is The tale of Badge.

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