When it comes to the assorted M&P Shield models nobody to know them prefer Apex. The activity Enhancement trigger & Duty/Carry Kit because that the original version the the Shield delivers a far-reaching improvement in the feeling of the trigger pull, while preserving its performance together an everyday carry pistol. When mounted properly, this drop-in create kit will:


-Reduce cause pull load by approx. 1-2 lbs.

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-Reduce cause pre-travel and also over-travel approx. 20%

-Smooth uptake and also reset

-Crisp cause break

-Maintains manufacturing facility safety values through center mounted pivoting safety

-Direct drop-in replacement parts, not fitting required


For usage In These guns

For use in the smith & Wesson M&P Shield pistols in 9mm and also .40 caliber.

Does no Fit These guns

Not for use in the Shield 2.0, the Shield 45, or the Shield EZ.

What"s had

1 ea. Activity Enhancement Trigger

1 ea. 2-Dot completely Machined Sear

1 ea. Duty/Carry Sear Spring

1 ea. Duty/Carry create Return Spring

1 ea. Can be fried Striker Block

1 ea. Striker Block Spring

1 ea. Apex sight Tool

1 ea. Servant Pin






Specs Shield Models

commodities to consider

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