<Did all the naughty things in the dressing room.

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>This trophy only have the right to be unlocked in Dressing Room . As soon as you walk to this room, you must press to switch to viewer setting then push or to zoom in.Controls: - move to view setting - zoom in (vertical - right side) - zoom in (vertical - left side)

- rotate the girl (left or right)
- zoom in / outStep:

Grope the girl's chest (just touch and also hold)While groping her chest, stretch the (can use both fingers)While groping her chest, move roughly like drawing a circle (can use both fingers)Touch she head (front and also back), face, ear, chest, skirt/underwear (front and back), back, and also buttLift her skirt (front) up; execute the very same thing for earlier side as wellHold to peek her underwear (front), do same thing for back side (see the pic below)Hold and also tilt the Vita (the place looks choose in the picture), then blow in the mic to lift she skirt up, execute it for the back side as wellUse the touchscreen and also rear pad to obstacle her clothes (top and also bottom) to tear them till she only has bra and panties left. Friend will see blue period if you perform it correctly (see the pic below). And then touch she panties (front and earlier side)Zoom in the camera to obtain a close increase of she face, chest, and shirt/underwear (both sides)Her chest will certainly shake if you shake the vita up & down, climate left & right

Since some civilization complained about some the these steps are wrong, you re welcome take note that this overview is based upon Japanese variation of the game, therefore Japanese manage input is used.* Make sure you listen the girl says something for every activity in above steps or reaction whenever girlfriend touch her. You likewise need come let her finish her dialogues before touch various other "thing".

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Note: once I tested this trophy top top my third acct, ns did something small bit various from the guide. The trophy popped after ns took a nearby look at her target in action 9; therefore, i skipped step 10. Throughout steps 1-3, I just touch the left next of her chest (using only 1 finger). In step 8, after ~ I ruined her clothes (except bra and undies), i touch she undies (front and back) again.Visual Aid:Step 6