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October 26, 2018 by David Vousden in Album Reviews, Americana, Country, Folk, heavy Metal, Singer-Songwriter

Danny Kiranos aka Amigo The adversary arrives on the scene v ‘Everything Is Fine’ and the one thing I can tell v absolute certainty is that things most definitely are no fine. In fact, we’re as far from fine together it’s possible to get. “This life is a joke and also death is the beat line” gives you a an excellent idea of Kiranos’ state of mind as Amigo The Devil. So sign up with me, if you’d choose to partake in one hour or therefore of southerly gothic murder people country, through an occasional hard rock/metal left turn, due to the fact that you never know things can turn the end fine in the end, however I i will not ~ bet on it.

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For ‘Everything is Fine’ Kiranos has actually teamed up with producer Ross Robinson. Probably a brand-new name to part RGM readers Robinson’s ground-breaking production job-related in the 90’s ~ above albums by Limp Bizkit, Korn and also Slipknot verified a revelation together he somehow increasing the sonic clarity, while upping the strength ratio, top top a run of struggle albums i m sorry both reinvigorated and also reinvented the steel scene. Hearing those albums ago in the day was an eye/ear opener with regard to exactly how metal acts could sound. Amigo The Devil’s album features one more metal connection as Brad Wilk, the drummer through Rage versus The Machine, Audioslave and also Prophets of Rage, adds his considerable clout to number of of the tracks on ‘Everything Is Fine’.

The reflective ‘Cocaine and also Abel’ opens up proceedings with acoustic guitars, piano and strings sustaining the vocal, while little snatches the electronica buzz and squirm just below the surface including a dark quality. It’s an impressive start to a good record. ‘If i’m Crazy’ is an ext up-tempo however no less dark thanks to a highly reliable synth setup “I’m a guy of mine word and also that native is regret” prior to crashing distorted guitars show up from the end of nowhere to support Kiranos’ half an hour howl.

‘You’re Perfect Too’ every pounding drums, ghostly backing vocals, buzzing electronics and mariachi horns sound bizarre however works perfectly. If Robert Rodrigues is searching for someone come score any type of upcoming Desperado sequels the should give Kiranos a call. ‘Preacher Feature’ is, almost, a straight-ahead old-school nation song however sounds way more morose v doubts about faith in the shadow of the hangman’s noose. Those weird ghostly backing vocals reappear on ‘Hell and You’ and remind me that ‘Johnny psychic Me’ the man Leyton classic for part reason. ‘Hell and also You’ is wonderfully off-kilter musically in maintaining with the album together a whole. Points reach their height on the startlingly ethical ‘I Hope her Husband Dies’ which quite much needs to be heard to be believed. Lyrical honesty at its many brutal.


‘Capture’ a short Deliverance (the film not the band) format musical interlude effectively gets rid of the palate before ‘Hungover In Jonestown’ add to a quite wonderful, bleakly humorous, twist to proceedings “If romantic is dead ns guess i’m a necrophiliac” musically I’m reasoning The Adams household performing ‘Fiddler ~ above The Roof’ at this point, i m sorry probably way I’ve been off my meds too long.

‘First job of the finish of my Life’ is exceptionally stark, in spite of a quietly beautiful acoustic guitar accompaniment, together our protagonist puts their home in order prior to committing suicide. Thought-provoking and bleak in same measure ‘First Day’ exhibits a realism that will strike a chord with many. ‘The Liars Club’ all weird clanks and also discordantly plucked strings perfectly records the mental state that a dad on a mission also harrowing come contemplate. The selection of instrumentation on countless of the songs here perfectly records the moods that Kiranos is seeking come portray. Pushing all this misery come one side, at the very least musically, ‘Everyone gets Left Behind’ kicks things into a completely different equipment with a drum pattern the wouldn’t be the end of location on a classic ELO record prior to in usual Amigo style things get a tiny left the centre through some monster distorted vocal goings-on, but it’s practically joyous in to compare to few of what’s unable to do before.

Strings are to the fore top top ‘The Dreamer’ which initially sounds choose the perfect love song until girlfriend realise the our protagonist is obsessed v his companion to a point where murder is top top his mind. ‘Edmund Temper’ is musically an extremely unsettling thanks to a banjo (I never ever thought I’d speak that) as the charismatic grandfather Temper faces the burdens the his less than pleasant activities. The album concludes through ‘Stronger than Dead’ which appears to carry things complete circle together we come to the knowledge that everything life throws in ~ you is far better than the alternative. All ceded to the sound of crashing acoustic guitars and also piercing synths.

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‘Everything Is Fine’ is a great record. I’ll admit I’m a sucker for pretty much all things gothic and constantly willing to delve into the darker get of literature, cinema and music. Amigo The evil one delivers top top these points with a jet black intensity that makes for a great listening experience if you’re willing to monitor him down right into the darker reaches of the human condition.