America and Cruz Azul face each various other in the game that to be postponed due to the fact that of the September 19th earthquake

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Estadio Azteca, website of America vs Cruz Azul Rafael Hernandez
America and Cruz Azul will confront each various other in a round of 16 Copa MX match that to be previously collection to be play on September 19 when an Earthquake in Mexico City caused the suspension of the game. America pertained to that video game favored and also will now be even more heavily favored after beating Cruz Azul 3-1 in the continuous season. Return both teams will come to this video game after league losses, America arrives after a residence defeat to Necaxa, which came to be a close result against a great team. Top top the other hand, Cruz Azul shed 3-0 against Lobos BUAP, which turned to a result so bad that coach Paco Jemez asserted Cruz Azul as not "a good team" as result of their beat in that game. America is additionally going in at second place overall, while Cruz Azul is in ~ 8th, right on the bubble as a Liguilla team. The winner that the video game goes come the Quarterfinal and the match could go to penalties if the score is tied.

America’s loss against Necaxa can have put on the brakes ~ above what appeared to it is in a effective week. They to be coming in with ago to back Clasico wins after beating Cruz Azul 3-1 and also then beating (and eliminating) Chivas 2-1. Still, the Chivas game had verified cracks ~ Guadalajara had been the far better team and also were unlucky to not acquire the result. Because that the Necaxa game, Coach Miguel Herrera had actually rested some players prefer Oribe Peralta and also Darwin Quintero, which could have to be a authorize of having two games yet was additionally seen together overconfidence the the team finished up paying for. The said, America is clearly having the much better season and also will additionally benefit from playing their third straight video game in Estadio Azteca.

Cruz Azul"s week to be a hard one by any point of view. First, they shed at residence to their main rivals America 3-1. Climate they got a 2-1 win in Queretaro, yet as that goes, it was together controversial a game. Cruz Azul obtained three penalty kicks in their favor, two of lock which castle converted. The final penalty looked to not have been a handball. In addition, Queretaro at this time is bound at last place and also is fighting relegation.

They then went and also lost 3-0 come Lobos BUAP, the newly arrived team indigenous Ascenso MX. Coach Paco Jemez, who has had a really controversial tenure heading Cruz Azul, then asserted that Cruz Azul wasn"t a huge team. While the quote seemed to be around the present squad and also not the institution itself, a many fans and ex players yes, really criticized the comment. Cruz Azul will have all the pressure against an America team that has the upper hand right now and situations favor this won"t help.

America need to be the favourite for this game even an ext so 보다 the Chivas video game played ~ above Wednesday. When it"s true the you never know with a clasico, Cruz Azul has actually all the psychological pressure and also they are recognized to crumble v it even before Jemez arrived. V Herrera, who won every three continual season clasicos, sit pretty and also knowing how to pat these varieties of games, it doesn"t look good at every for Cruz Azul to get rid of that stress and anxiety that seems like it"s sinking them another season.

Date: Tuesday, October 24

Time: 6:30 pm Pacific, 8:30 afternoon Central, 9:30 pm Eastern

Venue: Estadio Azteca, Mexico City, Mexico

Television: Univision Deportes (US-Spanish), TDN (Mexico), Canal 5 Televisa (Mexico), ESPN DOS (Mexico), FOX sporting activities 2 Mexico (Mexico), TVC Deportes (Mexico), Azteca 7 (Mexico)