“Stranger 보다 fiction” is more than just a C+ will certainly Ferrell movie; it’s a phrase used to explain a instance that unfolds in genuine life i m sorry is more bizarre than something even a pumped-full-of-hallucinogens M. Night Shyamalan could have thought up. This story out of the university of Arizona, which entails a fraternity, decent however ill-fated risk management, rat murder, mafioso-style intimidation tactics, and also puzzles falls into that category like a small square block would loss through a huge square hole.

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From new York Post:

Pledges of the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity in ~ the university in Tucson to be blindfolded through frat brothers throughout a “puzzle night” in march designed to bond prospective members by having actually them occupational together in groups of three. The lined-up pledges were then led down a hallway come a dark room if one college student was violently shoved right into a pillar, leading to serious injury, follow to a letter to the fraternity from the school’s dean the students.

Seems prefer your traditional hazing occasion gone wrong. One puzzle night iteration I’ve heard of involves having pledges solve a big jigsaw puzzle in a totally dark room v a strobe light together the only light source, though I have no proviso what Arizona Alpha Sig’s puzzle night actually included. I really hope the severe injury incurred by a pledge to be a shitty accident caused by a dimwitted asshole and also not something intentional, however regardless, new York short article neglected to cite the complying with tidbit consisted of in the letter from the dean.

From The university of Arizona:

After about 15 minutes, the new member educator i found it the same new member the was shoved hunched end complaining that stomach pains. (Former president’s name redacted) proclaimed it was chose that the brand-new member needed clinical attention and also he was driven to the hospital by the recruitment director.

After whatever that’s gone under over in State university lately, it’s update to watch fraternity members being proactive once it concerns getting injured pledges (or, together I prefer to refer to them, humans) the help they need. You shouldn’t it is in fucking injuring your pledges, obviously, but if you execute — through accident or no — make certain you law them prefer you would any other distressed person.

So the fraternity is in problem for assault and also underage drinking charges linked with hazing. Not precisely a novel storyline as far as Greek life goes. Climate comes the pledges fearing because that their stays part.

After this meeting , DOS adhered to up with witnesses who expressed fear of retaliation from fraternity members. A witness was allegedly said by members the the fraternity the night of the assault, the “we death rats,” and also stated that brand-new members were required to consume alcohol and placed in a room whereby music to be blaring.

A witness common that ~ the interim measures had been put in ar by the Dean of student Office, numerous text message from Alpha Sigma Phi members were sent to at least one new member which is a violation the the interim measure which stated:Any contact with the alleged victim for objective of intimidation and retaliation space prohibited and also will an outcome in future disciplinary action.

It’s favor a scene directly out that Goodfellas.

“I’m not mad, I’m proud that you. Girlfriend took your pledge brother being pushed like a man, and also learned the two greatest things in life. Look at me. Never ever rat on the brothers and always keep your mouth shut.”

The crazy component here is just how it seems as if at the very least one of either the pledges or the university believed (or at the really least entertained the idea) that Alpha Sig members would have legitimately murdered pledges who decided to narc castle out.

Prisoner 1: What space you in for?

Prisoner 2: I eliminated some teens because they intimidated to open up their stupid mouths and also get my university social team shut down.

Prisoner 1: If they’d acquired the group shut down, couldn’t you still have actually just hung out through your exact same friends?

Prisoner 2: That’s not the point.

Prisoner 1: What is the point?

Prisoner 2: i don’t know.

Hilariously, none of that really also seems to have actually mattered, together it looks choose Arizona Alpha Sig currently had part rats living in ~ their spiritual fraternity.

In addition, DOS spoke v the university of Arizona Police department (UAPD) who proclaimed that after interviewing numerous members the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity concerning the occasions that emerged on march 23, 2017, UAPD was able to confirm which individual physically assaulted the new member.

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From just how it looks, the Arizona Alpha Sigs to be fucked native the get-go, yet the witness tampering/intimidation was the final push into the pillar.