The black color P. Stones, additionally known as the Almighty black color P. Rock Nation, were established in 1958 as a community outreach organization for young afri Americans residents in the locations of south Chicago. The team would, in ~ first, meet at the St. Charles school for Troubled Youth.

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Between 1961 and 1963, members that the team would start taking component into violent activities and in the revenue of prohibited substances, both in ~ the Institution and also on the streets. The former ar outreach regime was quickly ending up being one that the most dangerous street gangs in the Chicago area.

Known as the blackstone Rangers, the team soon turned right into an extremist nationalist institution. This brand-new philosophy, which consisted of the voluntary authorized of the members in street violence and also drugs trafficking, shortly attracted the attention of luigi Farrakhan, the leader of the nation of Islam.

Fort Conversion to Islam and also LibyaSomewhere roughly the 1980s, after having actually being fee with numerous felonies and incarcerated,BPSN founder Jeff Fort made decision to transform to Islam. This had actually tremendous effects on both his character and the corridor he was leading in ~ the time.

Apparently thanks to Farrakhan, ft was put in call with number of agents working with Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi. Fort would start cooperating with the Libyan government, ultimately being accused of and charged v conspiracy come commit action of residential terrorism.

The leader of the black P. Stones would spend many of the remainder of his life behind bars. That was first sentenced to 80 year at a maximum protection facility in Illinois and also then to second 75 years.With fort out of the snapshot and lacking a ideal leader, the BPSN began to scatter. Members of the corridor joined various other sets or simply chose to stop their criminal activities.

Modern DayAlthough the old leader tho manages to do his voice heard indigenous the penitentiary he is currently residing in, the black P. Stones are progressively falling apart, as more and more former members step right into the irradiate to denounce and recount their time with the gang.

Nevertheless, the group is still energetic and deserve to count on more than 30000 members transparent the unified States. People affiliated v the black color P. Stones periodically do it to both local and national news as result of their slim violence and disrespect because that the law.

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The corridor is still extensively regarded, by legislation enforcement agencies, as one of the most powerful and advanced groups phone call the city of Chicago their home.