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– The every Saints Episcopal Church in fort Lauderdale perfect a year-long restoration simply in time for Easter, a festival commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ as defined in the Bible’s new Testament.

Rev. Leslie J. Hague, the church’s rector, said an arsonist attempted to torch the church critical year, top top Palm Sunday. The coronavirus pandemic had actually prompted Hague come cancel in-person services.

“For this year, Easter is large for us since it’s true resurrection,” Hague said.

The arsonist set linens top top the altar on fire. The sacrament was desecrated. The most devastating damages was inside the chapel. The arsonist also collection fires in the foyer and also near the high altar.

“I’ll never forget that smell,” Hague said. “There was a lot of of damages from the really fire.”

Despite one investigation, officers never made one arrest in the case. Hague claimed it was an extremely painful for her and also the community.


“We already had grief around not gift able to gather,” Hague said.

Hague is passionate to celebrate Easter this year even it will certainly involve the usage of face masks, social distancing, and also other safety and security measures.

“We will gather in this building for prayer because that the very first time in end a year and for the very first time because the arson,” Hague said.

The reservations for Sunday’s 10 a.m. Business have to be filled, however there is a wait list. There to be still seats available on Thursday afternoon because that the 12:30 p.m. Sunday service. For more information, visit the church’s website or call 954-467-6496.


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