Throne and also gallery in between tournaments.

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Photo through Osie Turner

This weekend heralded the 23rd annual Age the Chivalry Renaissance Festival at Sunset Park. This when a year event brings the end adults and children alike to suffer the past, dress up in middle ages outfits, and also practice your Old English accents. The festival extended from Friday come Sunday and did no fail to lug out families, historical reenactors, and also cosplayers alike.

On the means to Sunset Park an unexpected and also quite welcome surprised was recognize the road work at the intersection of east Avenue and Sunset road was lastly completed and all lanes open for the very first time because the renaissance era, or so the seemed.

It was tempting to try out the complimentary shuttle service this year together the parking is usually one of the biggest attract backs come attending the faire. Since the website traffic going into the park appeared lighter 보다 expected, we decided to shot our luck. The continual spaces were filled currently but there were still roadside spots in the ago of the park available, which turned the end to be much easier to acquire into and out of, therefore it resolved well.

With that the end of the way, it to be on come the fun part. After ~ going with the enntrance gate line, it was immediately clear the the setup the the seller booths was various than ns remember. This year you walk v a short winding bazaar of booths prior to you obtain to the open up areas. Most of the shoppes to be for period clothing, particularly corsets, jewelry, some artwork, and of course swords and also daggers.

The remainder of the faire wrapped about the pond. The guilds area constantly seems to it is in the liveliest ar of this festivals, guilds are teams of reenactors, numerous or local yet some travel for the festival. Every guild has actually a theme, such as Norse Vikings, or Elizabethan courtesans, and also in in between educating the public about their period or culture, they prefer to put on a show and have a great time.

A display inside among the guild’s camps.

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Photo by Osie Turner

There is always plenty that dining choices at the Renaissance Faire, this year was no exception. The large turkey foot are most likely the one items most linked with the festival, there was mostly contemporary fair offered. Yes, really food is the one area that would be exciting to see broadened on, while nachos and also hot dogs are delicious, they are not exactly from the center Ages.

At the top of any hour over there is normally some form of performance starting somewhere in the park. Magicians, jugglers, belly dancers, and historical reenactments were every to be found. The Pirates of the skies Birdshow was one I had not seen before and also found it come be fairly impressive. The owner and lead trainer of birds n’ Beasts, Inc., Joe Krathwohl, gave guests a great look at his array of rarely birds in prior of a huge replica pirate ship. This included an Andean Condor, which is the biggest bird in the world qualified of flight, a Bateleur Eagle, that space on the verge of extinction in the wild, and a colorful parrot among others. This display was absolutely a to mark of the day and also worth going to on that own.

Joe Krathwohl holding the enormous Andean Condor.Photo through Osie Turner

For those truly devoted to the when a year event, the weekend most likely went by quickly and also did no seem long enough. For many this weekend was nothing much less than a holiday and also that is what makes this festival for this reason special. The Renaissance Faire is certainly about more than just the renaissance era or turkey legs; to placed it simply, the is just fun!

If friend missed that this year, mark your calendar because that 2017; the is usually organized the second weekend the October. It is best to acquire your ticket in advance as castle are much more expensive at the door. It is additionally a good idea to monitor them on social media to capture deals. This year they readily available $1 promotional tickets on Facebook and also Instagram. Be sure to inspect the festival’s official webpage for the most up to date info at lvrenfair.com