All the fight maps from against the Cult that the Reptile God redrawn v Dungeon painter Studio. Gridded or gridless maps and dungeon artist studio documents included. Basic to use v Roll20.

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Golden grain Inn: 1F, 2F, BSlumbering Serpent Inn: 1F, 2F, BTemple that Merikka: 1F, 2F, BDungeon of the Reptile God: B1,B2



Nice work! yet I"m fear the scale on the inn battlemaps is wrong. The inn maps in the module room 1sq=5", uneven the dungeon and temple maps which space 1sq=10"An basic workaround is to usage the gridless versions and also either scale the grid in ~ 140px, or range the jpgs under 50% and use the original 70px net scale.
hello this did not work for me. Have the right to they be converted to jpegs? the documents are "dps" i m sorry I"ve never heard the before.
There are three ZIP files. One ( contains .dps papers which you can use to modify the maps in dungeon artist studio. The other two ( and also save .jpg papers of the maps with and without the grid
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