The Austin Independent institution District in Texas decided ar members deserved some input in renaming Robert E. Lee primary school School, and community members responded by make a hilarious mock of that all.

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Donald Trump acquired the most votes together the school’s new namesake v 45 nominations. Robert E. Lee come in second, which absolutely seems counterproductive to the entirety renaming the school previously known together Robert E. Lee Elementary component of this.

Further under the list, things got wacky starting with the Adolf Hitler institution for Friendship and also Tolerance getting eight votes.

And that course, Schoolie McSchoolface and also Schooly McSchoolerson obtained a couple of nods, proceeding a tendency of the Internet voting to name a soccer team Footy McFooty Face and a brother research watercraft Boaty McBoatface.

Here space a couple of more the stood out from the list, in methods both funny and scary:

**Adam Lanza’s college of Fun

**Austin Taliban Elementary

**Bee Movie

**Boaty McBoatface Elementary

**Bruce Lee Elementary

**Drew Brees Elementary

**Dwayne Johnson elementary school School

**Flava Flav Elementary

**Forgetting your Past, Dooms You to Repeat that Elementary


**Generic college Name

**Hypothetical Perfect person Memorial elementary School

**James Earl ray Elementary School

**John Cena elementary school School

**Kanye West Elementary

**Leadership & Excellence in education and learning (LEE)

**Lil Jon Elementary

**Neil deGrasse Tyson

**Politically exactly Elementary school #1

**The Illuminati

**Vladimir Ilyich Lenin elementary school School

**Willie Nelson Elementary

All that’s absent is the Derek Zoolander center For kids Who Can’t Read great And Wanna find out To Do various other Stuff great Too.

Never open a naming challenge to the public.

— You had actually One job (
_youhadonejob1) might 8, 2017

Unsurprisingly, the institution district ignored the unreasonable recommendations as well as some much more reasonable yet highly controversial ones, like Trump. Below are the finalists, according to Fox 7 Austin:

Barbara blacksmith Conrad – around the world acclaimed African-American opera star that completed her research studies at the university of Texas regardless of discrimination-based setbacks.

Bettie Mann – Beloved former Lee Elementary school teacher of much more than 35 years and very first African-American education at Lee elementary School.

Elisabet Ney – celebrated sculptor and also neighborhood resident who immigrated from Germany and also is the subject of a popular local museum.

Harper Lee – above American novelist finest known for, “To kill a Mockingbird.”

Kenneth Ragsdale – former Austin Independent school District director of music and also founder that the band routine at Lee elementary school School.

Russell Lee – community resident, starting University of Texas Photography professor and also critically acclaimed depression-era photographer.

Waller Creek – Notable local geographic function shared by communities served through Lee elementary School.

Wheeler’s Grove – initial name of Eastwoods Park, a longtime Juneteenth celebration site and also gathering an are for historical freedman’s community.

So in the end, the appears the Adolf Hitler school for Friendship and Tolerance will not exist. Phew.

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