Every Matt Damon and Ben Affleck film Collaboration, Ranked according To IMDb From an excellent Will hunting to The critical Duel, Matt Damon and also Ben Affleck"s partnership is just one of the greatest examples of true "friendship goals".

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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck space two that the best movie stars in the world, but they likewise happen to it is in life-long ideal friends who owe every other"s prolific careers to what they"ve controlled to attain together, specifically in their early on years. While they"ve achieved an excellent success individually, their names will certainly forever be associated with every other, considering their impeccable on-screen chemistry and also the acclaimed jobs they"ve additionally either composed or created together.

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Most the the movies they"ve collaborated on have actually been significant successes, both critically and also commercially, and have unable to do on to be some of the most iconic and recognizable films in recent history. However, there have also been a couple of that may have flown under the radars that the movie going public, and also perhaps deserve much more love and attention than they had initially received.

practically thirteen years after Clerks 2, Kevin smith returned once again to the check out Askewniverse v a brand-new chapter, Jay & silent Bob Reboot. The plot is much more or much less the exact same as Jay and also Silent Bob strike Back, with the titular personalities venturing the end to avoid a movie reboot the "Bluntman and also Chronic" while running right into all kinds of hilarious obstacles and also celebrity guest appearances.

Damon briefly reprises his function as Loki native Dogma in a cameo, if Affleck returns to his duty as Holden native Chasing Amy in a much longer and more integral scene. The film itself obtained a blended reaction, and also while it might be one of the lower-ranking movies of the view Askewniverse, die-hard Smith pan were more than ecstatic to view the return the Damon, Affleck, and many other recurring gibbs from Smith"s previous works.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck starring in great Will hunting 2 in Jay and Silent Bob strike Back
After four movies the playing 2nd fiddle to various other characters, Jay and Silent Bob were ultimately given opportunity to hog the spotlight because that the an initial time in Jay & quiet Bob strike Back. It"s always a risky move transforming comedic relief side personalities into the main emphasis of a spin-off, but Kevin Smith"s unapologetically vulgar stoner classic pulls it off wonderfully.

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Not only does Affleck reprise his function as Holden, but he likewise plays a fictionalized version of himself alongside Damon together they film a scene for the excessively violent and also non-existent Good will certainly Hunting sequel, Goodwill searching 2: searching Season. V their banter before the scene and Gus Vant Sant shown counting his money, it"s a hilarious satire on the film-making process.

Affleck"s 2nd film and Damon"s fourth, School Ties not only introduced both of your careers right into orbit, however it additionally further advanced the careers of together actors as kris O"Donnell, Anthony Rapp, and even Brendan Fraser. It tells the story that a Jewish prep school student in the 1950"s, tackling heavy-hitting subject of antisemitism and prejudice.

The film to be made together a auto for Fraser, yet Affleck and Damon room stand-out performers as two of Fraser"s antisemitic classmates. This sociological sporting activities drama deals with hard-hitting themes that resonate through the viewer lengthy after that ends, and also it"s also fun to watch such a group of now big-name stars in the infancy of their successes.

5 Chasing Amy (1997) - 7.2

complying with Mallrats, wherein Affleck play a supporting villainous role, Kevin Smith had actually him cast as the lead function in his unconventional romantic dramedy, Chasing Amy, while additionally finding a way to job-related in Damon together well. In the film, Affleck dram a comic book artist who falls in love through a lesbian woman, leading to a strain v his friend and an innovative partner.

Chasing Amy includes some that the most heartfelt moments in the see Askewniverse, and Affleck"s power is specifically effective and extremely authentic. Damon just shows up for one brief scene, and his duty is seemingly intended to be much more a winking joke, comparable to his figure in Thor: Ragnarok. The film was certainly ahead that its time, tackling themes of sex-related politics and also identity, and also it was absolutely not afraid to do its audience or its personalities uncomfortable with certain situations and also discussions.

among Kevin Smith"s more personal films, Dogma is a religious satire about a mrs struggling with her Catholic faith, sent out on a "holy crusade" by the voice that God to stop a pair of please angels native entering Heaven and also negating every existence. Affleck and also Damon star as the two angels, Bartleby and also Loki, and their chemistry has never been an ext believable.

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The film to be a subject of debate for a variety of reasons, but it still received favorable evaluate from a majority of critics and also was a modest success at the box office, given the size of the budget. The performances native the actors received very high praise, especially Affleck and also Damon, who masterfully incorporate their famous dramatic talents with their incredibly strong and every too frequently underused comedic sensibilities.

3 field Of dreams (1989) - 7.5

It"s not an extremely often the Academy selects sports films as nominees for Best photo at the Oscars, but Field of Dreams was more than worthy of that honor. Combine baseball through fantasy, it"s one enduring and also inspirational and also sports drama because that the ages. However, a majority of those who have actually seen the film may not also be conscious of Affleck and Damon"s existence in it.

Their duties are uncredited, and it"s virtually impossible come spot them, but both actors portray spectators during the baseball video game at Fenway Park attended by Costner and also James Earl Jones" characters. It was an unknown secret for countless years, but Damon has recently confirmed in one interview the he and Affleck i agree to be extras in the film just for the opportunity to go to visit Fenway.

command by Ridley Scott and also based on true events, The last Duel is widely taken into consideration to be among the most underrated films of 2021. It additionally happens to be the an initial screenplay the Affleck and Damon had actually written together because Good will certainly Hunting end twenty-four year prior.

This movie received vital praise yet was considered a box-office bomb, failing to also make its budget back. It"s a dead too, because this medieval drama is one of the ideal historical epics indigenous Ridley Scott. It"s also an extremely compelling and haunting allegory because that the "#MeToo" movement, and it is certain to draw an ext people"s attention to together a serious and still topical issue.

1 good Will hunting (1997) - 8.3

Good will Hunting is thought about to it is in a modern classic, and for number of valid reasons. It"s a movie with numerous memorable and uplifting quotes, scenes that will certainly make viewers laugh, and also others that feel favor a complete emotional gut punch. If Gus van Sant"s direction and also a legend performance by the late good Robin Willaims are regularly the two detailed highlights the the film, the high quality of Affleck and Damon"s writing is one facet that isn"t talked about nearly enough.

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Both actors pull off their respective roles flawlessly once it pertains to their acting, but the story lock crafted is very moving and their dialogue is natural and also realistic. Its Oscar win for finest Original Screenplay was well earned, and the perfect example of just how Affleck and Damon"s are one of the most gifted dynamic duos in all of show business.