Bayek has started his next step in ensuring the Order walk not regain power in Assassin’s Creed Origins" an initial piece that DLC, The concealed Ones. One side pursuit that you might find yourself completing in the brand-new area that Egypt, Sinai, is referred to as Shards indigenous a Star, and requires a little of riddle solving.

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Shards from a Star

The Shards native a Star quest in The hidden Ones is a side search with a recommended Level the 43. This side pursuit is choose up from among the quest markers you’ll find as you i found it the map, and though the doesn’t tell you immediately, the prize isn’t just 8,000 XP.

Shards from a Star’s summary reads:

The scroll of Thoth is discovered by Gamilat, who is disappointed the it is no the legendary “shards the a star” the is seeking. He offers it to Bayek, that unlocks the mystery.

You will likewise receive a scroll in your inventory the reads:

Nut, the goddess that night, spat and a round of flame crashed come the earth. Sky-metal, more powerful than strong, fashioned into two shining daggers, through Ptah, god of the forges.Ptah asked Ra, “Where shall ns hide them?”, “Light will show you the way,” said Ra. And Ra provided him a container for light, the decision of Thoth.He took the crystal to Thoth’s Temple and also encased it in ~ the roots of the Tree that Life born at his temple that nobody unworthy shall uncover it.

It’s quite the long riddle, yet if you desire your reward, you’ll need to solve the puzzle – or just read on to uncover out!


The very first step is to gain to the temple of Thoth in Arisnoe Nome. This is a high-level area, for this reason if you’re still struggling to death enemies, take part time to level up. However, this quest entails no fighting, so if you deserve to avoid gift spotted, you’ll be fine.


When you come at the temple of Thoth, jump under to the tree in the courtyard and also look because that the branches spanning a door. Use your weapon to hack the roots of the tree away, revealing a hieroglyphic. Interact with the mural to eliminate the crystal of Thoth.


With the crystal of Thoth in hand, rise to the top of the holy place of Thoth (or usage the fast travel point). You will should reach the really top the the obelisk and then connect with it to popular music the crystal in place.


The next step needs you to deal with the light of the crystal puzzle. To deal with this ar of the Shards from a Star side quest, wait till sunrise and also then usage the mirrors down in the holy place to shine the sunlight onto the two big statues of Thoth (bird head). You may need to use fire to clean away any kind of spider webs. As soon as both beams of sunlight hit the door below the Tree that Life, it will open, revealing a mystery passage.


Head v the tunnel into the huge room and also collect your reward from the statue’s feet. This will complete the quest and also reward you v the knives of Thoth, Legendary twin Swords that need Level 43 to wield. They have actually 4/4 Adrenaline Regeneration, 1/4 Combo Multiplier, and also Health on Kill.

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