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This side quest of the Kingdom Come: Deliverance Guide becomes available after completing the “Masquerade” quest. Talk to Matthew in ~ the Inn in the Glade (picture1) around his new plan to steal the Talmberg quarrymen’s earnings (picture2). During the conversation, you have the right to use your Speech or Strength however you will not be able to readjust his psychic (picture3).

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There are miscellaneous options obtainable to you. Matthew speak you the Andrew go not want to get involved in this robbery due to the fact that he thinks it is as well dangerous. An different is to go and also warn him to start the “Gallows Brothers” side quest. This second quest unfolds in parallel with the “A Rock and also a difficult Place” one, and enables to unlock the “Judas” Achievement/Trophy. The consequences linked to this Achievement/Trophy being specifically extreme, that is strongly recommend to do a back-up with a Saviour Schnapps.

Preparing the Robbery:

Let us emphasis on the unfolding the the “A Rock and a difficult Place” quest. Matthew asks friend to inspection in Talmberg to learn an ext about the convoy, the date of transportation of the money, and the variety of soldiers to it is in expected. Go talk to Fritz to define how to mitigate the variety of guards ~ above the job of distribution (pictures4-5).


Go to Talmberg (picture6) and talk v Captain Robard. If friend have enough Charisma, you can ask how many guards will be assigned to move the money (picture7). You have the right to persuade him to assign under guards come the convoy by talking about the risk that the Cumans represent (picture8).


To more reduce the variety of guards, you can visit the stable grasp of Talmberg (picture9). Speak to him about his horses and offer him some help. If you have actually a reasonably high level in steed riding, girlfriend can acquire confidence more easily (picture10).


During the conversation, you can learn the delivery date of the money (picture11). Then propose to go get a cure because that the horses from an herbalist (picture12).


Go check out Gertrude, the herb mrs (picture13-14), and also talk about poisoning ~ talking around the stable grasp of Talmberg (picture15).

She tells you to use poison in little quantities to make the equines unwell till delivery. Buy she a party of poison (picture16), climate go ago to the secure master. Tell him you lugged him the potion for the equines (picture17). Friend will mitigate the number of soldiers present to defend the money a tiny more. The last alternative is, on the various other hand, no advisable, due to the fact that it is composed in making problem in the city to induce Robard to assign much more guards come Talmberg.

Now, walk to the quarry to inform Matthew of the moment of distribution (pictures18-19). He and Fritz room on a hill overlooking the quarry. Exhaust all dialogue choices to discover where the money will certainly be retained in the quarry. It will certainly be kept in one of the dwellings on the various other side of the river. You deserve to now wait 5 days through passing the time or by doing other quests (picture20). The video game will warning you as soon as the convoy is ~ above its method to the quarry.

The Robbery:

There are two obtainable options come steal money the the quarry. The an initial is to attack the convoy frontally v the help of your two friends. The success of this method depends heavily on your capability to reduce the number of soldiers before the delivery. The second an approach requires a fairly great level the Stealth. By going to the west of the quarry, you deserve to discreetly neutralize the safety on patrol (picture21), ~ the money has been save on computer in a chest. Then slip in between the crack to with the claimed chest (pictures22-23).

Pick the lock that the chest (easy difficulty), and then take it the money of the quarrymen (pictures24-25). When you have the money, no issue what technique you select to obtain it, join your two friends in the clearing north-west of the quarry (picture26).

The loot amounts to 3000 Groschens and also you then have actually the an option to share it together planned or to save it in its entirety. If you decision to re-superstructure it, you need to talk v Matthew and also Fritz one through one to provide them your share, which enables you to save 1000 Groschens and complete the quest (picture27-28). If you decide to keep all the money, your 2 friends turn against you and attack you (picture29). Girlfriend can face them v your ceiling hands or flee with your horse.

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Alternative method to steal the money:

Another method is to steal the money straight in the castle of Talmberg, prior to the delivery. The money is preserved in a chest through a daunting lock to pick. Walk upstairs and also sneak right into the tower presented in the picture below (picture30). Watch out for the two guards patrolling around. When you took the money that the quarrymen in the chest (pictures31-32), you can join Matthew and Fritz in ~ the quarry to provide them your share (or not) and complete the quest.