Roman statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero sagely observed, “A nation can endure its fools, and also even the ambitious. But it cannot make it through treason indigenous within.

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“An opponent at the gateways is less formidable, because that he is known and also carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the door freely, his sly whispers rustling with all the alleys, heard in the very halls of federal government itself.

“For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speak in accents acquainted to his victims, and he wears your face and also their arguments, that appeals come the baseness the lies deep in the understanding of all men.

“He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to threaten the pillars the the city, the infects the human body politic so the it can no longer resist.

Current events related to the Iranian Islamist regime, the largest state sponsor of terror in the world, room yet an additional reminder the the ideal hope opponents of America have is the choice of Democrats, the chef enablers of treason from within.

By their own admission, in current years, the Iranian state has initiated an ext than 6,000 attacks versus America and our allies.

Iranian Islamist terrorists are directly responsible because that the deaths of more than 600 american in Iraq alone, as well as tens of thousands of other souls, including numerous fellow Muslims, across the globe.

Add to that total the many thousands of rather maimed, injured, propelled from their homes and otherwise terrorized together a direct result of the Iranian leadership’s faithful execution and adherence come the tenets that Islam, and it becomes impossible to justify any kind of rational defense the the present Iranian terrorist regime.

Yet numerous Democrats and other Leftists room falling all over each various other in their rabid haste come do simply that.

While the mullahs running/ruining Iran have been at war through America because 1979, Leftists in ~ America have been waging a battle within our borders for far longer.

Whether it be communists in the former Soviet Union and current-day China, Islamists roughly the globe, socialists in Venezuela and throughout Europe, or other freedom-hating Leftists in your myriad manifestations, it is no simultaneous American Leftists are just as quick to protect America’s enemies as they space to condemn and also attack any and all who support our constitutionally protected, God-given freedoms.

Even as Islamists chant “Death come America” and “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is the greatest), Democrat politicians and also their Leftist fellow travelers in corrupt institutions, favor the major misleadia media and also academia, are rushing come extol those who publicly great Americans damage while at the same time excoriating those defending the for free they so cavalierly trample underfoot.

Apparently, Democrats have never met a despotic tyrant that they execute not choose over we “deplorable” God-fearing, America-loving citizens of “fly-over country.”

Decent world were rightfully appalled through the death of Iranian terror kingpin Qassem Soleimani — the now former leader that the Islamic Revolutionary security Corps Quds Force, Iran’s primary facilitator of global Islamist terrorist atrocities and also ruthless oppressor of Iranian citizens — who had actually the blood of tens of countless innocents upon his hands, including many Americans.

None should mourn his demise, however Democrat responses to Soleimani’s death include gibbs George Lopez providing to assassinate chairman Donald Trump for $40 million (versus the $80 million offered by the Iranian regime), Congresswoman Ilhan Omar arguing Iran target trump card hotels an international and speak of the home Nancy Pelosi blaming Trump for Iran attack Americans through the tools Obama offered them the money come buy.

As senator Ted Cruz noted, the weapons Iran is utilizing to target Americans and our allies were, “in a really real sense” paid for by the billions the dollars the Obama management sent to Tehran in 2016.

Not just did chairman Barack Obama personally for sure the relax of $150 exchange rate to the terrorist Iranian regime, but additionally he ordered the distribution of $1.8 billion dollars in U.S. Taxpayer cash directly to Iran.

Adding humiliation to injury, Obama totally ignored the $55 billion in court-ordered payment to the victims of Iranian terrorism.

Emboldened through Obama’s sweetheart atom deal allowing Iran’s advancement of atom weapons and also the infusion that cash, Iran go on a spending spree, sponsoring Islamist terrorism across the globe.

Again, Obama literally listed the funds the Iranians have used come purchase and also develop tools they have directly used come kill and also maim Americans.

He likewise chose to strengthen Iranian terrorists rather of compensating their American victims. Think about that. Talk around literal treason.

Far from being ashamed that “giving assist and lull to the enemy,” democracy publicly tout their guilt together badges of honor and the significant misleadia media turn the wrong-is-right/down-is-up lies in your favor.

Would that Democrats’ support of opponents of America brought about little more than Leftist propaganda coups, but Democrats emboldening of our enemies proceeds to yield really real destruction and also bloodshed.

As demonstrated with the recent Soleimani-orchestrated murder by the Iranian federal government of thousands of Iranians whose just crime was yearning for freedom — and also as is the situation with almost all of the despotic regimes the democrats seem to admire so much — the Persian people are the greatest victims of their tyrannical Islamist overlords.

Prior to President  Jimmy Carter handing Iran end to the mullahs, the Iranian civilization were largely pro-Western.

Though frequently violently suppressed by Islamist thugs, no the least of i m sorry is the Soliemani’s Quds Force, the bulk of present Iranians find common cause and also admiration for the worths upheld by patriotic Americans like Trump.

Having live under the truth of Islamist tyranny because that the previous 40 years, the vast majority of Iranians not only oppose the mullahs, but likewise they space leaving Islam in droves.

It was recently reported that, regardless of severe persecution, Iran is now residence to the faster growing ar of pendant of Christ in the world.

Tragically, instead of acquisition the next of those standing against evil in their own countries, democracy in these United claims look much more and much more like America’s opponents abroad.

Consider the speed with i m sorry Democrats space planning to implement your gun-grabbing, baby-killing, freedom-stomping top priorities in Virginia together they presume come assume full control the the state federal government there.

Of course, Democrats’ devastating handiwork has been on display screen for decades in Democrat-controlled bastions throughout the country.

Ironically, even as countless Leftists abandon this cesspools in favor of the greener pastures produced by conservative policies, many of them seek to inflict top top their new communities the values that made your prior cumulative abodes precious fleeing.

Even v their dominant control of education, the significant media, government and Leftist migration, however, Democrats fear their failed plans will no prevail without the implementation that a government-sanctioned invasion by an amalgamation of millions of extr America-hating criminals, Islamists, free-loaders and also other Leftists that wish united state harm.

While the Democrats may attempt to mask their treason and unbridled hatred of all and also everyone the is an excellent or divine in the guise that opposition come Trump — regularly referred to as Trump Derangement Syndrome — ultimately, those ~ above the Left are thrust by their rebellion against God Almighty and also the biblical ethics upon i beg your pardon America was founded and also has to be blessed.

Those of united state who love God room thankful for His manifold blessings and strive to follow our Savior Jesus the Christ, room just acquiring in your way.

If the blessing of the great American Experiment room to continue, it is imperative that America’s opponents not be permitted to prevail.

Ideally, our enemies will be converted to the cause of freedom and righteousness. Have to they choose otherwise, they must either be utterly beat or we should take far their will to fight because that evil.

Those that wish to make America great Again have to take a stand versus all enemies, foreign and also domestic, wherever they may be found.

Though through no means comfortable or safe, standing in the means of evil and on the side of great is, ultimately, the best place come be.

ARTHUR blacksmith of Paris is a member the the neighborhood Volunteers for liberty Tea Party. His email resolve is constitutionalconservative



Artie, when again, you have actually your "" facts entirely wrong. Exhilaration Under Secretary the Treasury because that Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, gave written testimony to a U.S. Senate committee in 2015 stating the U.S. Assessment of the complete liquid heritage Iran would regain manage of together a an outcome of the nuclear commitment was “a little much more than $50 billion”: and also the bulk of the money returned to the Iranians to be money that had actually been frozen in numerous countries, not just the unified States. The release of frozen funds came from China, France, Germany, Russia, the joined Kingdom, and also the europe Union... In addition to part in the USA. It was NOT us taxpayer dollars but Iranian frozen assets. In exchange, Iran quit centrifuges from developing weapons-grade uranium. Now, the current US management has scrapped the deal allowing for Iran to return to making high-grade uranium in that is centrifuges. When the Iranian government is solid our great friend, several of their militant reaction are resulted in by the crippling sanctions the the US government has put on your country. Those penalty do small to avoid Iranians strikes but lock do situation devasting damage to the mean citizens... Those citizens the you state space pro-Western. Artie... Get your information and facts straight. Friend often existing information that is blindly incorrect.

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