Written through Irishman Caimh McDonnell, the was released by McFori Ink previously this month. I obtained my copy from the writer in exchange for my as ever moral review.

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I hope you enjoy!!

Thrilling shouldn’t be this funny, funny do not do it be this thrilling.

‘The an initial time someone tried to death him it to be an accident.

The 2nd time to be deliberate.

Now Paul Mulchrone finds self on the run v nobody to rotate to other than a nurse who has read one-too-many crime novels and also a renegade copper with a penchant because that violence. Together, they should solve one of the most infamous crimes in irish history…

…or rather they’ll it is in history.’


Paul Mulchrone has lead an unhappy life. His youth was misspent, mixing with the wrong people and avoiding the regulation where possible.

Indebted come a loved one who has passed away, he has to lug out six hrs of voluntarily charity job-related a week. Paul choose to carry out this occupational in the local hospice, St Kilda’s. Surely a safe place where nothing can happen to him?

Paul has a talent. That has ‘one that those faces’, which mean that the elderly people he access time think the is who they know. They space happy to watch him visit them and also chat to him with the finish understanding the he is a loved one or friend. He is company for them in ~ a time when plenty of of them have nobody else. He quickly gains a reputation amongst the working staff of the hospice as ‘The Granny Whisperer’.

One day everything transforms when very unfortunate event takes place.

The routine that Paul had established in his life gets thrown the end the home window as utter chaos descends.

What ensues is a story filled v the ireland wit and comic timing of a bunch of great characters, all intertwined over hilarious and somewhat attention events.

There room a variety of lead personalities in the book, each v a story to tell.

Brigid Conroy, a nurse from Leitrim, through a enthusiasm for crime fiction and a unhealthy understanding of cases and also criminals.

DI Jimmy Stewart, close come retirement, who’s feather for straightforward exit from the force.

Bunny McGarry, the renegade Corkman, who, even though a member of the force, works within his very own parameters. Rabbit is a law onto himself.

Gerry Fallon, a Dublin crimelord, without are afraid or remorse, who has actually a past he is protecting and nobody will certainly be enabled to was standing in his way of keeping it so.

In the book you will certainly come across Grinner McNair, the Neillis family, Mick Sherry…all portrayed so well that it is not difficult to visualize your faces.

I love the wit the Roddy Doyle and also Lisa McInerney and also I would certainly categorize Caimh McDonnell in the same bracket.

‘”What the fuck? the smells favor someone small a shite!!” It may have lacked in bedside manner, however it was precise description’

Jimmy Stewart ~ above a scene through his sidekick, Wilson.

Stewart has to be a member of an Garda Siochána for a very long time. He has seen around everything the there is to it is in seen.

‘The biggest thing to remember around criminals is they’re largely not the smart. In the 1970s – the IRA essential money to fund their blah,blah, blah, so they ripped off banks and also post offices. The plain decent criminals saw this and they copied it, for this reason the following thing friend knew every gobshite who might cut feet in a tea cosy thought he was john Dillinger. Therefore many financial institutions were gaining ripped off, lock were having actually to open a separate queue because that withdrawals at gunpoint’

Jimmy Stewart is not a happy man. That is conscious of the seriousness the this crime that has landed ~ above his desk. There room people involved in location of prominence with very personal agendas. Jimmy is annoyed and angry. His Dublin humour and also sarcastic charm is noticeable in every he says and does.

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Bunny McGarry……well i so love Bunny. Perhaps it’s the Cork connection but everything about Bunny appealed come me in this story. He’s one alcoholic, a loner, a man with nothing come lose. That uses exceptionally unorthodox techniques to reach his end game with the help of Mabel his hurley. For any type of of girlfriend not acquainted with the hurley, it is a piece of hardwood in the form of a flat form club the is provided in the Gaelic video game of Hurling. Indigenous a young age it is very common because that youths to be roaming the streets with your hurley in hand, pucking a sliotar (ball) come each other or in the air. Hurling is large in Cork, so the idea that a mature member of one Garda Siochána patrolling the streets, still with his hurley in hand, is a really funny vision.

‘”Alright Bunny, you’ve made her point. I’ve watched this movie too. Us both recognize you’re not really going to drop me, so drag me increase while girlfriend still can and we’ll talk this out”

“Is that so?”

“It’s a an excellent bluff yet the joke’s over.”

“Fair point”, said Bunny

And then he dropped him.’

You gotta love that