1Bomb and arrow volume upgrades

First thing Available: chapter 7 (Chapter 4 via succession break)Items Required: Zora’s Flippers, 100 Rupees (ideally countless more)

The Pond of pleasure is located on a small island in the center of Lake Hylia. Look because that a shallow ar in the form of a ring surrounding a whirlpool warp simply to the south of this island. Head phibìc from there and use the dock to hop ashore. You have to use the ladder to climb up top top the island where you’ll discover a cavern inset into the hillside. Head in and also make your means to the ago of the room come the pond, and you’ll be readily available the amazing opportunity to toss in part Rupees. For the very first several rounds, you’ll only be offered the opportunity to throw 5 Rupees or 20 Rupees right into the pond. Unless you desire to be below all day, toss in 20. Each time you carry out so, her fortune will certainly be read, yet you can typically ignore this.

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“This is just a tiny happiness i can offer to you.”

Once friend toss in 100 Rupees, you will be greeted through Venus, Queen the the Fairies. She will market you one amazing choice to increase the number of Bombs or Arrows you deserve to carry. You don’t have to think too carefully around this an option as each 100 Rupees you throw in will offer you this opportunity.

After girlfriend toss in the first hundred, this procedure will go much faster as you’ll be provided the chance to litter either 25 or 50 Rupees. Thus, the takes 2 throws going forward to speak to Venus to her aid.

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2Double magic

First chapter Available: thing 7Items Required: Magic Hammer, Magic Powder

Just external of Kakariko town is a curious small bat that has a an extremely interesting meaning of revenge. He’s just the kind of guy who’s inadvertently going to execute you a favor, even though the doesn’t median to.