I have actually just sustained my day 49 horde, and I still have actually yet come see any kind of feral or cop zombie whatsoever. Not to cite zombie bears, etc. I have actually never died, had 510 player score before the day 49 horde had began, and also was level 62.

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Difficulty: Survivalist

Zombies Run: Default

Enemy Aggression: Normal

Daylight Hours: 16

24 Hour Cycle: 50 Minutes

All Modded Options: Default


I am very frustrated the I have actually spent 40+ hrs gathering and also scavenging when I could"ve endured my critical day 49 horde with the very same defense I had actually on day 7. The hordes are really underwhelming. As soon as I very first played this game awhile earlier the hordes to be always difficult and out of hand, what has adjusted since then? Is there something I"m missing? once I look in ~ anyone else"s playthrough that this game, lock consistently have multiple feral and cop zombies on their day 28 horde. What can I do to rise horde difficulty/bring out greater tier zombies? say thanks to you.

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Posted July 17, 2018


Posted July 17, 2018



I am sorry that you found your job 49 horde underwhelming and totally understand the frustration this deserve to cause.

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It is possible the difference between playing a while earlier and playing currently is the readjust to dynamic hordes and also preventing every one of the horde showing up at as soon as which could cause a huge amount the lag in the game for players.


More advanced zombies (Ferals and Cops for example) ended up being rarer and also from what i remember one of the transforms you may notice is the horde night stops when the required number of Zombies for that night room killed.


The team are aware of a emotion of unbalancing withing the video game when it comes to hordes, especially when hike hordes during the day deserve to be an ext aggressive or challenging. I think they will certainly be collaborating with the computer team to uncover a balance however I will add your information and also account come the report to re-address this with the team through regards to how the ar experiences hordes.


In the median time, part players move closer to the hub city / key city ~ above the map to encourage Ferals and Cops to be drawn into hordes or produce screamer traps to encourage screamers to call more Zombies ~ above horde night.