General InfoThe Upright citizens Brigade Theatre is residence for all points comedy. Founded by Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh, our theatre functions cheap, top-quality comedy 7 nights a week!Hours
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Upright citizens Brigade Theater

Upright citizens Brigade Theatre LA

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Bike Parking:Yes

Wheelchair Accessible:Yes

Price variety :Below Average

Outdoor Seating:No

Specialties:Sales Meetings, this firm Meetings, films & Movies, firm Meetings, service Meetings


Amy F.

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I"ve viewed some tears-falling-down-my-face hilarious reflects here and also some improv mirrors that were pretty lackluster. It have the right to be hit-or-miss that way, however the price is right, and also it"s great to support neighborhood talent.

This is a wonderful location to catch a show. I sat in the earlier the first time and had a pleasant experience also though i was so far back. It?s practically like over there isn?t a poor seat in the place! clearly the front to be much much more enjoyable since I love gift up close however this to be a good theatre nonetheless

For laughs that expense you alongside nothing, the UCB theatre in Hollywood has you covered. From distinct guests to team improv performances, this comedy theatre team has that covered. That is but very tiny and reflects tend to sell fast so do resrevations early. And if you check out Aaron Mullenix on phase for improv performances, girlfriend will check out the makings that a true comedic genius and soon to be legend. Enjoy!

Went to check out the Jeff Garlin combo plate last night. What a funny inexpensive method to spend a Sunday. It was Jeff and a pair of other comedians with him. It only price $1 to gain it, which girlfriend can"t beat. Ns would imply making reservations, as it was pouring rain critical night and it was a pack house. Also, Jeff passes the end to the audience every the crap swag the no much longer wants in his house, one mans trash is an an additional mans treasure. You could come out of there v something cool, however if not. That was definitely worth the price the admission.

Upright citizen Brigade is mine favorite ar to view comedy in LA. Indigenous Jeff Garlin"s (of Curb your Enthusiasm) weekly $1 show with guests like Patton Oswalt and Aziz Anzari to your hilarious improv & map out shows, UCB constantly has a cheap and thoroughly entertaining lineup. Bring cash (make reservations in advance on your site since a lot of shows sell out early) and also your very own booze for a low budget night high ~ above laughs.

UCB constantly has the funniest comedy reflects at the cheapest prices. The theatre showcases the finest talent in improv, sketch, and standup. Their reflects are also about the cheapest night the end in LA. Most tickets run roughly $5 come $8. Acquire to reflects at least half an hour beforehand or you could end up with much less than appropriate seating.

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