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4 stamin 4 Stam leather Belt is a quote originating from a human being of Warcraft player under the identification of "Joe." Online, the phrase is commonly utilized in miscellaneous remixes (as viewed in Leather Belt Remixes) Ventrilo-related humor and also occasionally made use of as an example stereotype of common W.o.W. Players.


In 2007, during an unsuspecting world of Warcraft session, a player by the surname of Joe to be on a Ventrilo server with his guild, performing and also communicating various work via a microphone. As soon as VideoCompiler (a then-famous Ventrilo Harassment producer) hacked into their guild server, he tape-recorded the range voices of everyone speaking in the server. In one of those voice clips, Joe had been captured humorously stating, "Ah dude; 4 stam 4 strength animal leather belt?!? AUGHH! Level 18? Ughaughhh." (The belt the Joe had actually been introduce to was an in-game item referred to as the "Forest leather Belt")<1> After record the animal leather belt quote, VideoCompiler produced a Ventrilo Harassment video, through Joe and also the other server members topic to a trolling attempt by reaction to the spamming the the quote.<2>

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After the video clip became an unforeseen success, Joe became unofficially recognized as the "World that Warcraft Nerd," and as such, various individuals attempted to uncover him v no recognized success. ~ above April 30, 2008, the very first known non-VideoCompiler connected use that the quote to be referenced under the top an interpretation for the phrase "leather belt" top top the metropolitan Dictionary.<3> Considering the quite humorous nature that the quote, it started to be used in assorted W.o.W. Videos and also musical remixes.


Leather Belt Remixes

Leather Belt Remixes describe the YTPMV-esque content entailing the mixing of Joe"s animal leather Belt quote. On in march 23, 2008, the earliest-known of these well-known remixes to show up was the "Leather Belt Song" through YouTuber HellboundDochi, released throughout the height of Ventrilo Harassment popularity.

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With the popularity of HellboundDochi"s remix, indigenous the finish of 2008, to together late together 2013, assorted other YouTubers were developing their very own remixes, generally utilizing the leather Belt together a source.