Located just a few blocks indigenous the American Museum that Natural history and central Park. This showroom features completely interactive product displays, cost-free swatches and also a team of style experts ready to help you.

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TimR| new York,NY| respectable 22, 2021

The new shades look yes, really great. Both installers were very efficient and professional.

PamelaC| new York,NY| august 12, 2021

I cannot thank you enough for every your aid and support with my mom's shades. They look gorgeous and fit perfectly!!! together usual your team was professional and a pleasure to work-related with. All I have the right to say is the you space the best!

ChristianS| new York,NY| august 1, 2021

Installation went smoothly and also we space happy v the end result. Say thanks to you!

ChrisW| brand-new York,NY| July 31, 2021

The installation go smoothly and also the installer was very professional and also quick! ns am really happy v my blinds. Give thanks to you.

BruceJ| new York,NY| July 29, 2021

Our installer came in and also installed the shades and also blinds. He was good and the shades and also blinds room great. We are an extremely happy and also wanted you come know how grateful we space for your help and patience. We room so pleased with what we ordered.

WendyM| new York,NY| July 15, 2021

I to be just around to compose to you and also tell you just how happy we room with the blinds!!! we love them! castle are simple and beautiful, just perfect. And also everyone has been so wonderful to work with. Say thanks to you so much!

CindyM| new York,NY| July 15, 2021

The installation walk smoothly. The installer to be on time, an extremely professional and also he did a great job! i am very happy through the roller shades!

MichaelS| Brooklyn,NY| July 8, 2021

Everything walk super well! The download is clues on and also they watch great. Your customer organization has been really top notch. Thanks!

AndrewF| brand-new York,NY| July 5, 2021

Our brand-new Window Treatments space A+++, thank you! The sample is the perfect balance of subtlety and statement. I evaluate your tireless initiatives to obtain this done.

CarolineM| brand-new York,NY| July 5, 2021

Everything turn out an excellent and I'm an extremely happy through the shades!

VictoriaT| new York,NY| July 2, 2021

The installation to be flawless. Thanks so much. I love the blinds.

SusanD| new York,NY| June 30, 2021

I am really pleased through the shades. The Sonoma to be worth the extra cost and also it looks very nice. I am for this reason glad i ordered the upholstered valance for that window as it gives it a tailored perfect look. The kitchen is lovely with what we have actually going top top in over there so overall everything watch great. An extremely efficient installers too! give thanks to you because that all her guidance. It was a pleasure working with you.

RobinR| brand-new York,NY| June 23, 2021

Everything walk beautifully. Ns am enjoy it my shades. Many thanks so much!

KennethC| brand-new York,NY| June 19, 2021

We are an extremely very happy. The shade is beautiful and fits. The installer to be super great and put the the shade in, really nicely. Give thanks to you so lot for yours and also your team help. We are an extremely grateful.

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BarryR| brand-new York,NY| June 18, 2021

Installation and also installer to be great. We are really happy. We will definitely be back when us need more of her products.