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Property Type sleeve - Freestanding Property Size 152,200 Sqft Lot Size 17.38 Acre Property Tenancy single Tenant Year Built 2006




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Property taxes in 2021 $139,588 Market Value $12,556,500 Assessed Value $12,556,500

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Frequently inquiry Questions

What is the full square footage of 3065 Webb Road?

3065 Webb roadway totals 152,200 square feet.

when was this residential property built?

3065 Webb roadway was developed in 2006.

What is the property tax because that 3065 Webb Road?

The residential or commercial property tax for 3065 Webb road in 2021 to be $139,588.

What is the sector value for 3065 Webb Road?

The sector value because that 3065 Webb road in 2021 was $12,556,500.

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3065 Webb Road, Milton, GA 30004 - sleeve Space

3065 Webb road is situated at 3065 Webb roadway in the Lake Deerfield neighborhood, GA, Milton, 30004. The Retail building was completed in 2006 and also features a complete of 152,200 Sqft.

there is 1 retail room for lease in the Lake Deerfield neighborhood, totaling 3,167 Sqft of available retail space. The retail an are availability for the 30004 zip password is 167,297 Sqft, in 46 sleeve spaces.

In 2006, the same year 3065 Webb roadway was built, 23 more commercial properties (office, industrial, retail) end 50,000 square feet were developed in Milton, special 738,284 square feet of advertisement space. At zip password level, there room 73 advertising properties, of i m sorry 19 are retail structures over 50,000 square feet.

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