The latitude the the pyramid in decimal degrees can complement a sequence of numbers expressing the rate of light if you look hard sufficient for it, yet that phenomenon is nothing an ext than coincidence.

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Published9 September 2018

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It is true the the latitude 29.9792458 N intersects the an excellent Pyramid that Giza (at the selected longitude of around 31.134667 E). However:

1) If a point of latitude’s merely crossing a structure at any suggest is the bar to meet for revealing a hidden meaning to its location, climate the latitudes in between 29.980150 and also 29.978150 (all that which crossing the very same pyramid) likewise fit the bill, leave a coincidence-monger about 2,000 number latitude formulations to choose from through respect to the great Pyramid that Giza.

2) If the apex that the pyramid were supposed to stand for an homage to the basic laws the the universe, the correct latitude would certainly actually be closer come 29.9791750 N, which would bear less resemblance to the rate of light in a vacuum to express in meters per second.

3) although the great Pyramid of Giza to be constructed around 2550 BC, the concept that irradiate “traveled” at all (though discussed theoretically in ancient Greek times and by early on Arab scholars) was no firmly established until the an initial estimate that the rate of light was made in 1676.

4) The unit of measurement on i m sorry the speed of light is based in this picture — meters — to be not characterized until 1771, making it a very anachronistic one for the ancient Egyptians to have actually been referencing.

5) Egyptians of that time would have actually been more likely to express together a theoretical ide as the speed of light in “cubits” every second. Using 0.525 m as the estimated length the one ancient Egyptian cubit put the speed of light at 571,033,253 cubits per second. Convert this number right into latitude expressed in decimal degrees via the same strategy would call for the pyramid to be somewhere in west Russia in order for its location to exchange mail to the rate of light.

6) Our mechanism of referencing areas on the world via latitude didn’t come right into being until lengthy after the building of the good Pyramid that Giza. And also decimal degree mapping in ~ the level of precision comprise by the meme counts upon exacting dimensions of our world that to be not possible until the so late 1900s.

All in all, this “coincidence” counts upon civilization who lived hundreds of years back having expertise of ideas that weren’t found or produced until much, much later on in human being history, and also referencing systems of measurement that did no exist in their time and also place.

Published9 September 2018
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