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"It's distinctive to that it's house of the yearly Carnival at Calle 8 and Cuban cuisine restaurants, Cuban tobacco makers and museums. It's simply a quick distance from downtown Brickell where you'll uncover the brand-new and now famous Brickell City center shopping plaza. "
"Close to I95, supermarkets, pharmacies and also essentials. Released transportation like: bus, trolley, trains."
"Good thing about tiny Havana is that it is in near proximity to everything. You have actually supermarkets, coffee shops, an excellent nightlife, etc "
"Calle 8 festival and crismas, below is a good neighborhood, clean location with nice civilization You have the right to walk anytime through your neighbor to the calle 8 and enjoy every the walk method restaurant and also people. Have an excellent time through residents and also tourists indigenous the all civilization o the streets."
"Beautiful homes, diversity that houses and streets. Pretty suburban feeling in the city center . Many renovated homes and the area is definitely climbing in value ."
"Terrible neighborhood. Very poor and dangerous. Your packages will be stolen. That's for sure. Several homeless# prostitutes, medicine addicts and drug dealers. "
"Calle 8 is a couple of minutes away. Jose Marti Park is a well preserved park with a pretty red facility with indoor and also outdoor activities. "
"Stay away from thid attention neighborhood. Peope offer drugs top top the streets. A many delinquents. Is awful here. "
"Awful cops all the time constantly a fight shooting or teenagers making a catastrophe it’s dreadful looking to get out of here SOON"
"It is the many visited place roughly the word since it is the cuban place. This is society and famous street 8."
"Little Havana, Miami is no really for the tiny kids. Maybe 12 and up just for the snacks in the area. Absolutely not a place for youngsters after 8pm most areas are close up door by the time. "
"Calle ocho occasions make it fun but likewise you have to be cautious of her surroundings.Alit of tourist in the are"
"My neighborhood has a excelente privilege in this area because there space a lot fancy and cheap restaurant. Additionally has impressive nocturnal life."
"I have actually lived here for 11 years. Good up and also coming neighborhood. Looking forward to all of the brand-new construction going on through the river, i m sorry will lug a lot of value to this neighborhood. Next-door neighbors are really friendly and an extremely pet/kids friendly. In 11 year I have not once experienced something crime related, I take into consideration this neighborhood really safe."
"Lots of great charter institutions popping up all over this area. Many of parks & out recreation locations for kids"
"It’s a fun area, an excellent nightlife, really walkable, you have the right to do every one of your shopping & errands within much less than a quarter mile!"
"I live in little havana native 7 year ago, nice community and also nice people, great restaurant, an excellent service "
"Not negative to begin love in us quiet yet be careful... Lovely and also worker world arround the area. And cheaps rent price "
"Plenty of other dogs around, owners room disciplined and always carrying dogs on leash, yes a pretty park top top the river that allows you walk dog on leash. "
"This area is an excellent for kids, families and also friends! It’s an extremely calm. Yes parks really close to any homes and it’s for sure for anyone"
"its no a to negative of one area price are acquiring expensive for no reason i think is end priced in some areas "
"My neighborhoid is for this reason quiet and I can walk to downtown and also to the supermarket are so closed and also I feel safe as soon as I walk in ~ evening over here."
"Is quiet and also I feeling save, I provided to leave here and also you Can find everything, we have actually súpermarket adjacent "
"Its ok very quiet some drunk human being at nights but no an ext than that. No beautiful homes just work world "
"Marlins stadium makes huge congestion. Otherwise really safe to walk, bike, & quickly commute. Train station is pretty much away however bus routes are near by. "
"Located in an area surrounding to the Miami Marlins stadion (old Orange bowl Stadium) and also not thought about to it is in a great area of town. Largely renters and low class people. A the majority of adult businesses that are an extremely seedy and also crime-ridden."
"Carnaval that calle 8Tourism area, tourist walking all the moment on the ar Close to everything express ways, hospitals,stadiums, schools, supermarkets "
"If you have the sort of youngsters that choose to play external this is no a good neighborhood a many crimes a most bombs a lot of guys drinking and also just gift dirty live about here this is deafly no a safe neighborhood or area because that planning on elevating your kids or having youngsters I indicate you be a little more patient and find a much better area"
"Simple accessibility to 836 and 95, makes acquiring to and from work simple. Have the right to hit the going north or south eastern or west"
"This is a dog friendly neighborhood. Trusted neighbors, accessibility to every highways. Quiet. I’ve to be living here for around 3 year now and I love it"


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2250 NW 114th Ave, Miami, FL 33192 is a 29,257 sqft property. This home is not currently obtainable for sale.

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