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Job TitlePart-Time/Full-Time Shipping and also Receiving Associate

SectorWarehouse/ Shipping & Handling

Part Time/Full Time/OtherPart-Time

Is the a student job?No


Education LevelHigh School

Job Description

Things you have to know around working in an Amazon Sortation center:

Safety, it’s an ext than wearing a reflective vest. We’re cursed to offering one of the safest job-related environments, which means stretching, safety and security tips, and also yes… adhering to the rules.

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Customer-obsession. It provides your job to make someone rather happy.Quality is key. You have high standards, and it shows in her work. We’ll organize you to it, yet only since we recognize our associates deserve to handle it.Can girlfriend hear me now? Noise level varies and also can periodically be loud.Cool with Casual. A calm dress code way it’s Casual Friday, every day.We favor to store you on your toes, associates will rotate work multiple times throughout the week.Amazon allows customers order everything they need, whenever they need. Flexibility is key, associates should be open up to extra hours, time off, and a fast pace.Temperature in the sort center may vary in between 60 and 90 degrees, and will occasionally exceed 90 degrees.

Things you should know about working in an Amazon delivery Station:

Safety, it’s much more than put on a reflective vest. We’re cursed to providing one that the safest occupational environments, which way stretching, security tips, and also yes… following the rules.Customer-obsession. It renders your work to do someone else happy.Quality is key. You have actually high standards, and it reflects in her work. We’ll organize you come it, yet only due to the fact that we know our associates can handle it.We favor to keep you on your toes, associates will certainly rotate tasks multiple time throughout the week.Amazon allows customers order whatever they need, whenever castle need. Versatility is key, associates need to be open up to extra hours, time off, and a rapid pace.Layer up! You must be comfortable functioning in an environment with differing temperatures. Many buildings have dock doors that open throughout shifts, this can cause the temperature to be high throughout the summer or cold throughout the winter depending upon the location.

Things you need to know about working in ~ an Amazon element Now:

This duty is Part-Time, as much as 20 hrs per weekHaving a versatile schedule is keyYou can pick your own hrs and collection your very own schedule (subject to service needs)Ability to job-related Nights, but on the weekend & HolidaysAbility to work all procedure paths, consisting of the off-site ar within a metro areaLayer up! temperature can gain chilly in our facilities, you have to be comfortable working in an setting with differing temperatures that have the right to drop below 32 degrees.

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This means you may be functioning in a freezer environment for components of her shiftThis function will involve the managing of a range of products, including any kind of inventory accessible for acquisition through Amazon’s Prime now service

We want you to join the team if friend can examine these boxes:

Thrown your cap in the waiting – you have a High institution diploma or equivalent.Blown the end the candle – you space at the very least 18 year old.Flex, not just your muscle – you don’t mind a curve round every once in a while and you have the right to be functional in responsibilities.You room willing and also able to job-related extra hrs as required, bringing smiles to our client doesn’t take time off.Let’s acquire physical – associates must, through or without reasonable accommodation, have the ability to lift as much as 49 pounds, stand/walk for as much as 8-10 hours, and be able to frequently push, pull, squat, bend, and reach.Step it up – be able to continuously climb and also descend stairs safe (applies come sites through stairs)Must be able to work top top a secure mezzanine at a elevation of approximately 40 feet (applies to buildings with mezzanines)Must it is in willing and able to work-related on powered equipment-for instance forklift or cherry picker

Basic Qualifications (because compliance asked united state nicely to list these out…)

Must be at the very least 18 year oldHigh school diploma or equivalentEnglish proficiency skills

If you’ve read this far, we think she ready. Agree? use now!

Amazon is an same Opportunity-Affirmative action Employer – minority / female / special needs / Veteran / sex Identity / sex-related Orientation

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