This page gives details ~ above WakeMed cary Hospital, situated at 1900 Kildaire farm Rd, Cary, NC 27518, USA.

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Place Name WakeMed carry Hospital
Average Rating 2.8
Place Address 1900 Kildaire farm RdCaryNC 27518-6616USA
Vicinity 1900 Kildaire farm Road, carry
Phone Number (919) 350-8000
International Phone +1 919-350-8000
Place Type hospital, point_of_interest, establishment
Opening Hours Monday: open up 24 hoursTuesday: open 24 hoursWednesday: open up 24 hoursThursday: open up 24 hoursFriday: open 24 hoursSaturday: open up 24 hoursSunday: open up 24 hrs

Location Information

Full Address 1900 Kildaire farm yard Rd, Cary, NC 27518, USA
Street Number 1900
Route Kildaire Farm road (Kildaire farm yard Rd)
Locality cary
Administrative Area Level 3 wear
Administrative Area Level 2 wake County
Administrative Area Level 1 phibìc Carolina (NC)
Country United says (US)
Postal Code 27518
Postal password Suffix 6616
Type hospital, point_of_interest, facility
Latitude 35.7406315
Longitude 35.7406315
Geo Location (35.7406315, -78.7815131)


★★★★★ man Orgambide

from the receptionist to the nursing and surgical staff, everyone was caring and also remarkably efficient (special thanks to Jennifer P. For she kindness). The basic is very nice and also the workflow between services smooth and rapid. I never ever felt that I was in a surgical factory, but rather in a well-oiled, human-size healthcare environment.


★☆☆☆☆ buy it W

$750 + $116 for a breast ultrasound the took 10 minutes? means TOO EXPENSIVE, the typical national cost is $360! wherein does this hospital obtain off through charging your customers over twin the nationwide average? no happy and will no be visiting this hospital. They didn"t even find any kind of cysts, just charging me prefer crazy for little reason.


★★★☆☆ Pancake Girl

The PA student and also PA the took treatment of me get 5 stars. The nurse it s okay zero stars. I went in with major stomach pain, fever, and also diarrhea and also urgent treatment sent me to be evaluated for diverticulitis. The wait was no terrible, about 45 minutes. I had an EMT student try to take it blood and also insert one IV; no one asked me if it was it s okay if a student functioned on me. She tried come insert the needle in my ideal arm and also proceeded come wiggle it about under mine skin for around five minute trying to discover a vein. I claimed to please prevent and shot the other arm. Then for FIFTEEN MINUTES ns sat there v a tourniquet approximately my left eight while she and also the nurse tapped my veins, tried to stick the needle in and also again wiggled it under my skin. THAT harms A LOT and I was in tears. Finally, my husband intervened and said, "Can we please acquire someone in right here that knows what they"re doing?" The nurse offered us an attitude and said, "Well, she requirements practice" come which that responded, "Then she deserve to practice on who else, we space done". A phlebotomist came in a few minutes later and in two secs my IV line to be in and also my blood to be drawn and also mentioned that it seemed favor I was dehydrated. Ns truly did not appreciate gift a guinea pig and also being given an attitude when I was in excruciating pain to begin with. Ns went home with several bruises on my forearms and a bruise from where the tourniquet was. It took two weeks to walk away.


★★★★★ Sean Graham

ns was no the patient. I was the patients escort. The patience was provided the V.I.P(atient). Treatment. The staff was wonderful. The volunteers were for this reason helpful and even aided in patient deliver to the car. The nurses and surgical staff came and introduced themselves before the procedure i m sorry really helped to ease the stress. An excellent experience.

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★★★★☆ Georgia Garrison

My an initial experience at wake Med in Cary. Went to day surgical treatment for one outpatient procedure. I have had plenty of surgeries in mine life and struggle through anesthesia horribly. I have NEVER to be to the end patient surgery and also able to leave very same day. Always end up spending a day or two because of severe vomiting. As soon as I confirm in at wake up Med Cary, every solitary person was pleasant, smiling and also helpful. As everyone come thru to talk v me before surgery they all listened to me. My surgeon (Dr. Tyner) and also anesthesiologist (Dr. Crocker) come up v a plan on how to perform my surgical procedure without extreme gas. Ns was may be to gain home the exact same day and also am act well. ALL employee in the surgery center were fabulous!!! A big thank you to the wake up Med Cary surgical treatment Center. Ns hope not to require you again, yet if I perform will no hesitate. The only an adverse thing was as soon as I confirm in and also registered they asked me for payment before surgery. Once I stated no and also bill mine insurance first then we have the right to work the end a payment plan she to be agreeable. Would provide 4 1/2 starts however can"t price with half a star. Give thanks to you wake Med Staff!!!G