Trail IconTrail NameMilesClassRatingDescription
Cherry roadway Trail0.6C1Cherry roadway Trail is one easy-to-travel loop the connects come Fernwood Trail at a 110-foot-long suspension bridge, taking visitors across a 45-foot-deep ravine.

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Fernwood Loop0.9C1Fernwood trail is a moderate loop that connects to Cherry lane Trail in ~ a 110-foot-long suspension bridge, taking visitors throughout a 45-foot-deep ravine.
Seneca Trail1.4C2Seneca follow is a largely unpaved loop top visitors previous pines, a deciduous forest and also through an open prairie. Sections of the trail might be taken into consideration strenuous as result of hilly terrain.

Classes: A = polytheistic | B = Accessible* | C = straightforward | D = Primitive** | E = Bridle

Ratings: 1 = basic | 2 = center | 3 = Difficult

* Flat, easy trail or section with asphalt or crushed limestone surface.

See our main actor For All web page for more information about accessible trails.

** rugged and complicated with uneven surfaces and also steep, narrow routes


Many parks exist as result of the foresight of a few visionary individuals, consisting of F.A. Seiberling. The donated much more than 400 acre to expand Sand operation Metro Park. Land the he owned from 1920 to 1948 was purchased by Summit subway Parks in 1964 to become the Nature Realm.Seiberling co-founded Goodyear tires & Rubber in 1898 and played a leading function in arising Akron from a tiny town right into the “rubber resources of the world.”

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His interests went well beyond tires. He helped kind the initial Akron metropolitan Park District and also was a member the the plank of Park Commissioners native 1924 to 1935.Today, the Nature realm is a special-use area that has actually been set aside for the study and also enjoyment that nature. For the security of this park and also the safety and also enjoyment of other visitors, please follow these basic guidelines:

Pets space not permitted at the Nature Realm.

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Bicycles are just permitted in the parking lot. Rollerblading and also cycling are not permitted on the trails.Remain on designated trails and walkways. Do not climb trees and other structures.Refrain from choose flowers, go in garden beds and collecting plants.Wedding ceremonies and the use of portable cooking grills are not permitted.


Visitors close to Rock & Herb Garden


Nature kingdom grounds


Hand-feeding chickadees


Seneca deck fireplace

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