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Just since you’re not yet 21 doesn’t mean you have to be border to her bedroom on a Friday night. In, there room clubs that permit entrance for the under 21 crew. See listed below for some of the best.

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Blurr Nightclub29 S. Financial institution, PA 19106(215)

Blurr Nightclub opens up its doors every Friday and also Saturday night at 10:15 p.m. And also closes them at 2 a.m. Perfect for the college-aged kid, you need to be 18 come enter and also party, yet 21 to drink. Blurr Nightclub regularly has live music and DJs on Saturday and also college night ~ above Friday, when it’s cost-free to enter before 10:30 and also drink specials are available until midnight. Blurr boasts 3 floors with 5 full bars, VIP sections, private skyboxes and also a main dance floor.

Coda1712 Walnut, PA 19103(267)

Coda philly is always opened on Friday and Saturday and, regrettably for those no of age, room strictly 21 and also over to get in on the weekends. However, this venue frequently hosts events Sunday v Thursday the are regularly opened to those that haven’t yet turned 21 —just inspect the event page to view if friend are permitted entrance. Coda it s okay in a wide variety of musical guests and also DJs playing music from EDM come rock. It has actually a lot of open room for dancing and multiple floors for optimal viewing of the artists.

The Union Transfer1026 spring Garden, PA 19123(215)

The Union deliver is a concert meet on feather Garden Street that gets in musical groups from various genres, including folk, rock and also pop. Shows are typically all ages, yet some are 21 and over, therefore make certain you check prior to purchasing a ticket. Due to the fact that you’re underage, you’ll be confined to the general admission standing area on the first floor and won’t be able to enter the bars. Tickets may be purchased front of time or at the door.

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The Roxxy939 N. Delaware, PA 19123(215)

The Roxxy is a famous nightlife destination in northern Liberties. With four rooms and also a volume of 2000 people, both the under 21 and also over 21 crowds will uncover room come mingle and also dance. Many of the events, specifically on Friday, require guests to it is in 17 come enter and 21 come drink. Every Friday Night throughout the summer, head to the Roxxy Bamboo Bar for Beach Party Fridays and also enjoy tasks like foam parties and twerk fests. Obtain there early due to the fact that ladies are free before 10 p.m.

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SoundGarden Hall520 N. Columbus, PA 19123(847)

Soundgarden room gets in some famous EDM action weekly in that is 1800-capacity north Liberties concert venue. This club has actually two lines because that entrance, one because that those end the period of 21, and also one for those listed below the drink age, for this reason make sure you gain in the ideal one by adhering to the signs. Part nights room 21 plus, therefore make sure you examine the occasion page before heading over. It’s close come the spring Garden station and also has sufficient parking available. SGH has actually state-of-the-art sound and lighting along with elevated stages.

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