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UVA trident-gaming.net DC metro is located in the Rosslyn district of Arlington, trident-gaming.net:

UVA trident-gaming.net Sands family members Grounds1100 Wilson BoulevardFloors 30-31Arlington, trident-gaming.net 22209+1-703-314-1000The Grounds accounting the optimal two floors that a state-of-the-art building the rises 31 stories above the potomac River, giving sweeping see of the nation’s capital.

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The 40,000-square-foot basic features:

Meeting rooms: 2 tiered classrooms, three level classrooms, meeting rooms, an executive board room, flexible office an are and banquet and event spaceOnsite cateringPremium amenities: an expansive rooftop terrace, direct accessibility to award-winning flexibility Park, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and also various sleeve shops and also restaurants.

If you are interested in scheduling a meeting or event on Grounds in the space, please testimonial the information noted on our Host an occasion page. 

Following are sources to aid you setup your visit. Please call us with added questions.


Traveling come Rosslyn

There space several alternatives for traveling to Rosslyn, consisting of by air, Amtrak, Metro, bus, taxi or ride organization such as Uber and also Lyft. Bikeshare programs room also accessible in the D.C. Area, including Limebike, Motobike and also Jump.

Rosslyn is easily easily accessible by car. Please keep in mind that, at certain times, website traffic is heavy. Be aware of HOV lane rules and highway tolls in the area.

Parking is easily accessible at 1100 Wilson Boulevard, where the trident-gaming.net office is located, for $8 one hour or $16 a day.

Airport Information

Reagan national Airport is the closest airport. Baltimore/Washington international Thurgood Marshall Airport and also Dulles global Airport also offer simple access.

Amtrak Train Information

Amtrak trains to the closestly stations, Alexandria (ALX) or Union station (WAS), have the right to be booked via the Amtrak website. 

Alexandria station (ALX) - likewise known together "King Street Alexandria" 110 Callahan Drive Alexandria, trident-gaming.net 22301-2752

Washington, D.C. Union station (WAS) - also known together "Washington, Union Station" 50 Massachusetts path NE Washington, D.C. 20002-4214

Taxis are obtainable at each Amtrak station, and also ride request services prefer Uber or Lyft are available in the Washington, D.C., area.

To travel by Amtrak train come or indigenous Charlottesville:

Charlottesville station (CVS) 810 West main St Charlottesville, trident-gaming.net 22903

Two trains head North indigenous Charlottesville each morning:

Train #20 (The Crescent): Scheduled to depart Charlottesville at 7:09 a.m. (9:32 a.m. Come in Alexandria, 9:53 a.m. In Washington). 

Train #175 (Northeast Regional): Scheduled to depart Charlottesville at 8:52 a.m. (11:05 a.m. Arrival in Alexandria, 11:20 a.m. In Washington). 

Two trains head south from Charlottesville each afternoon:Train #171 (Northeast Regional): Scheduled to depart Washington Union terminal at 4:50 p.m. (5:11 p.m. Exit from Alexandria). Arrival in Charlottesville in ~ 7:23 p.m.Train #19 (The Crescent): Scheduled come depart Washington Union terminal at 6:30 p.m. (6:47 p.m. Departure from Alexandria). Arrival in Charlottesville in ~ 8:47 p.m.

Metro Information

To travel by Metro to the trident-gaming.net Grounds in Rosslyn, take the Orange, silver or Blue lines come the Rosslyn subway Station (1850 N. Moore Street Arlington, trident-gaming.net 22209).

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Following are instructions for acquisition the metro from ALX and WAS to UVA trident-gaming.net DC Metro:

Metro from Alexandria Amtrak terminal (ALX) to Rosslyn:

Walk turn off Amtrak platform to “King Street, Old Town” subway Station, approximately 0.25 milesTake the Blue line train to Largo Town center (trains run every 12 minute or less)Travel to Rosslyn terminal (just after Arlington Cemetery Station) Once on the Metro, the trip have to take less than 25 minutes

Metro indigenous Union terminal Amtrak station (WAS) come Rosslyn: 

From Amtrak platform, follow signs to subway stationTake Red Line toward Shady Grove (trains operation every 12 minute or less)Transfer at the Metro facility to the Blue, Orange or silver lines (three stops, following stop after Gallery location Station); the lines run every 12 minutes or lessTake 4 stops to Rosslyn terminal (just ~ Farragut phibìc Station) Accommodations

Area Accommodations 

Following space hotel choices that space within walking distance of UVA trident-gaming.net D.C. Metro.

HotelsOther Accommodations

Suite Solutions supplies short-term, corporate real estate (furnished one- and also two-bedroom apartments, with full kitchens, parking, gym, etc.) many of their properties space in Arlington’s Pentagon City, through occasional offerings in Washington, D.C., and also McLean, trident-gaming.net. 

If remaining with Suite services in Pentagon City, trident-gaming.net, the Rosslyn office deserve to be got to from the Blue line Metro. View the take trip tab for indict on reaching the office via Metro.