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Yep they room at the again obviously. Ns answered and also when the international guy stated hello twice I began in together if ns was an answering machine. Needless come say he hung up pretty quick.
Tried to have me form Windows button and letter R speak someone to be hacking my computer. I hung increase after calling and also reading blogs.
Got a contact from this number speak he was from the Microsoft technical Department. Ns pressed him because that a firm ID and also he said it was BR8012 yet he functions for Dell. Ns asked if he was from Microsoft or Dell he said he functioned for an live independence contractor because that Dell and also he is a Microsoft Technician. Very same scam - desires to watch at event viewer and go over all of the errors and also warnings and he would attach up come my computer system to eliminate the virus for a fee.

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I gained a call for 877-696-7786 saying he to be from Microsoft and also said there was virus attack my computer and also wanted me to push windows and letter R. Talked v a computer system expert and also he stated they were trying to hack into my computer* do NOT perform IT!!!!!!!!!!
Foreigner called and said he was from HP Technical support played along for around 30 seconds said he was legit because he has actually my email deal with said what office perform you occupational out of and said new York and I said where and he gained a tiny tonged tied and then ns hung up. Ns knew ideal away it was a scam however feel sorry for civilization that will autumn for this crap
They will save you through recalling. Inquiry phone co. To trace, close up door down and also follow their new numbers.... Get energetic phone companies. FTC any type of use???
They called me while ns was in ~ my local geek shop. My computer was precise in a dozen piece laid out throughout the shop table. This male named "Kevin" (with a hefty accent) said," This is Microsoft technology Support. Ns am calling in regards come an error post broadcast indigenous your residence computer". I currently knew appropriate away what this phone speak to was, and also was even far better because a speak to from a male from India through the name of Kevin. Therefore I started messing with "Kev" appropriate away. First telling the what he want to hear, that i DID type everything that told me come (not really) and repeatedly questioning him is he gained it yet, over and over again. I began to get bored for this reason I readjusted it up, so then I began asking him unreasonable questions. I began with," have actually you ever tried putting curry top top pancakes"? If he to be married? If therefore what is his husband"s name? and also can he put his husband on the phone for this reason I could talk to him also. That last one obtained him nice rattled. So I kept up through the connection angle. Following I asked that ," space you naked right now" correctly or no? climate asked ,"If he would mind if I got naked while talking to him. The entirety while he"s trying to stick to his script and talk through this call call. "Kevin" ultimately hung up when I was making spanking noises in the background, while informing HIM OVER and OVER AGAIN come MAKE animal NOISES!!!!!! I just figured the if this dude is going to try and steal something native me. Climate I"m walking to have actually fun through it , either v his teamwork or at his expense.