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Welcome to Trident-Gaming (formerly Aus-GF)

iH! Welcome to Trident-Gaming (formerly Aus-GF), 

We've been around since 2009 and after a long tiring hiatus we are back as a permanent community.

Becoming a member of Trident allows you to interact with our playerbase and engage in exciting events, competitions and other upcoming items.

You can also participate in our discussions, upload maps, talk just about anything and much more.

Also, this is the place you go to resolve your ban or report a user for misconduct.

Whatever your purpose, we hope to see you soon!

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Weekly Update 11/03/2018 - Wait it's not a Wednesday?

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Surf Wise

Our surf server is again more active-r since disabling fall damage. As much of a hard decision it was, it was worth it and now the server is being used a lot more without a lot of complaints. We'll be adding more shit to it soon to make it a little more appealing.

Oldies Wise

The time where I cared about nostalgia is over, from this point onwards I can't give a shit if something we didn't do in 2013, 2014 cannot be done now because of "muh nostalgia". I'm trying to attract a new, charismatic and fresh audience. As much as I love the oldies, a lot of them aren't on anymore and are kind of backseat moderators in my head. Rapid changes are not to be expected.

Prison Break Wise

Not a lot of people on, but that's okay, we needed a blessing ceremony. I'm putting the call out, on the 17th of March (this Saturday) I'm inviting everyone to participate in our official launch party. I call upon everyone to jump on around 7pm Queensland Time to freekill order terrorist to do random shit. There is still some work to be done but nothing exciting.

Gmod wise

Yes we're getting our first server, thanks to @Harbard. The server is an affiliate of us which doesn't mean much aside from the fact it is not on Streamline and I'm not fronting the bills. The Gmod server will sport DarkRP along with a bunch of custom plugins and shit that I'm sure will make all of you want to pull your fucking hair out. No exact launch date yet, but expect something in April-May.

Minigames Wise

A minigames server will be coming through the pipes in April. The purpose of minigames will be everything ranging from your standard MG shit, to bob, death run and anything else that doesn't fit. I'm excited to get working on it and I think it'll definitely be a good server for us to have. The confirmed slots right now is 20.


That concludes our weekly summary.

I'll see you next week.



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again and as all ways ill do what i can to help 

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I'll be on tomorrow if my computer allows it, after we vote in SA for which idiot reigns supreme

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Established 2009. Formerly Australian Gaming Federation (Aus-GF)