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Welcome to Trident-Gaming (formerly Aus-GF)

iH! Welcome to Trident-Gaming (formerly Aus-GF), 

We've been around since 2009 and after a long tiring hiatus we are back as a permanent community.

Becoming a member of Trident allows you to interact with our playerbase and engage in exciting events, competitions and other upcoming items.

You can also participate in our discussions, upload maps, talk just about anything and much more.

Also, this is the place you go to resolve your ban or report a user for misconduct.

Whatever your purpose, we hope to see you soon!


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  1. Squiz Admin Application

    Accepted welcome to the team, big fella
  2. DarkRP! Rules (updated 15/04/2018)

    OUR RULES CAN CHANGE AT ANYTIME, WITH OR WITHOUT WARNING, YOU MUST ALWAYS STAY ON THE BALL! FOLLOWING THESE RULES CAN AND WILL AVOID PUNISHMENT! BEWARE: If you're uncertain as to how to play a job, read at the bottom of this page to see job-specific rules GLOBAL STANDARDS: 1. These rules apply from the start of the server till the end. 2. No harassing, trolling or abuse at any time. 3. Listen to admins at all times. 4. Admin word is law, do as they say. 5. Do not advertise any server or company which is not affiliated with Trident. 6. Hacking, cheating, bypassing or exploits of any nature are prohibited. 7. Do not try do an admins job for him (backseat moderation). 8. Do not impersonate admins or other players. 9. Do not spam any forms of communication, such as microphones, adverts or OOC (out-of-character) 10. Use common sense, this is loosely worded and all forms may not be included, but don't try work around it. ROLEPLAY DEFINITIONS: Random Death Match (RDM): Killing or attempting to kill someone without a valid roleplay reason New Life Rule (NLR): Upon a valid death you forget everything about your previous life (people you knew, who killed you, etc.). Fail Roleplay (FailRP): Unrealistic and unfair roleplay situations that do not fit within the rules (eg. Vigilantism, protecting bases that you don't work for). Fear Roleplay (FearRP): Doing things that risk your life or someone else's (eg. if someone orders you to do something at weapon-point, such as dropping X amount of money or unlock a door, you must comply). FearRP is broken if the criminal opens fire or turns their attention away from you for a minimum of 5 seconds. Metagaming: Using knowledge that was given to you out-of-character, this includes external communications such as Discord or Teamspeak, OOC chat, making assumptions based on voice conversations inside bases, etc. Double-dooring: Having more than one door (fading doors/world doors) to get into a base. Regardless of distance, you may only have one. Random weapon checks (RWC): As a Police officer, using your weapon checker without permission from the assailant or valid roleplay reason. Random tasing (RDT): Randomly using police taser without a valid reason. COMBAT RULES: You can engage in combat with someone if: 1. They're firing shots at you 2. They're trespassing after a 10 second warning 3. They're firing shots at someone you're associated with (eg. gangmember) 4. They've threatened your life or someone you're associated with GENERAL RULES: 1. Abusing any of our voting systems which include but are not limited to kicks, bans, mutes, gimps, job demotions/promotions will result in punishment. 1a. This does include continuously voting NO on job votes, or YES to all demotion votes without any real reason. 2. Do not use props/entities to be a minge, this includes prop pushing, prop surfing, prop climbing, prop blocking and prop spamming. 3. Do not idle or refuse to change jobs to take advantage of salary, you must actually play, or swap back to citizen. 4. When playing as a job, play within the white lines. Read the bottom of the thread for more job-specific rules. 5. Do not abuse Wiremod tools, examples of this are automated money(printer) collection and item locators. Use common sense. 6. Do not job abuse, examples of this are becoming an Arms Dealer to self-supply weapons or dropping job-related weapons and changing jobs. BUILDING RULES: 1. Do not abuse fading doors. This includes using your physical numpad to open doors during raids/roleplay situations. 2. While you are actively building, you must have a sign/textscreen outside of your base to indicate so. 3. While you are building you cannot have any valuables such as printers or weapons in your pocket or on the premises, you can however have weapons equip. 4. KOS (killed on sight) signs are not allowed, you must give a verbal warning via. microphone or chat before engaging on people. If they open fire, you may then engage. 5. A base can only have up to 2 keypads/fading doors. One of them being a main entrance, the other being to protect any valuables if you choose. 6. Keypads and fading doors must hold for a minimum of 4 seconds. 7. Any shooting windows/fading doors must be button activated and must span from hip height to head height. 8. You cannot have tunnel bases, which means you cannot have a bunch of crouch/jump obstacles to get to any keypads/fading doors. 9. Keypads to fading doors must be within sight of the door, no further than 1 meter and not be masked by materials, colors or other props. 10. You cannot build or enclose the roof of a building without admin permission. 11. You cannot have props that are fullblack, or fullwhite. 12. You cannot build on or over the roads or street, however you can build small gunstores on the sidewalk as long as they're not obstructing any paths. 13. You cannot build enormous bases, examples of this can be ones that take over multiple properties or use ludicrous amounts of props, or over-sized props. If you're unsure, ask an admin. 14. You cannot build on someone else's property/base without their permission. 15. The Police and Mayor can build inside the PD, but it cannot obstruct any doors or block access to the armory/jail. 16. Fading doors must only use a single prop for entrances. 17. You can prop-block an entrance to a base ONLY if there is another entrance that fits the rules. RAIDING/MUGGING RULES: 1. You must wait for a minimum of 10 minutes before raiding the same shop/base again. This timer starts from the end of the last raid. 2. When mugging players, you cannot request a specific amount, you must ask them to drop their wallet. The maximum amount a player has to drop is $2,500- however they decide how much to give (minimum of $500). 3. You must wait for a minimum of 5 minutes before mugging the same person again. This timer starts from the end of the last mugging. 4. You cannot raid a base with a building sign. 5. To raid as a gang, the gang's leader must be present (eg. The Don, Downtown Warriors Kingpin) at all times. Bloodz/Cripz are exempt from this, but must raid with no less than 3 members. 6. You cannot spawn props or change jobs during a raid/mug. 7. You cannot take hostages unless you're the Mafia or the Downtown Warriors. 8. Thieves can only work together in pairs of two, otherwise they work solo. 9. Solo thieves CAN be hired by a group, but only to pick locks and crack keypads, they are not allowed to use any weapons until the raid is finished. 10. You cannot mug unless you are a Thief, Blood or Crip. 11. Mugging cannot be done in public view. You must catch people in empty places, such as alleyways or underpasses. 12. You cannot mug homeless people. JOB-SPECIFIC RULES: Citizens: 1. You cannot carry, buy or accept two-handed weapons in any way. The most you can have is a pistol/knife for self-defence only. 2. You cannot participate in any criminal activity such as raiding, mugging or stealing. 3. You can own printers, but it's advisable to get a Banker to hold them legally for you. 4. You cannot own a base made of props, however you can decorate the inside of your property with small props. 5. You cannot own more than two properties at once, but they must have a door as an entrance. You cannot own the apartments/an entire building. Hobo/Homeless: 1. You cannot own any weapons. 2. You cannot build all over the street or on someone's property without permission. 3. You can build a small shelter on the sidewalk or parking lot, but it mustn't be obstructing paths in a big way. 4. You cannot throw bugbait/poo at someone with a valid reason, nor can you constantly throw it even if there is a valid reason. Be decent. 5. You cannot live inside a house unless someone invites you in and it belongs to them. Any Police: 1. You cannot instantly arrest people, you must give them a verbal warning or issue a warrant. This is excused if they open fire or attack someone with a weapon. 2. You cannot set bail prices any higher than $2,000. 3. You cannot be corrupt or refuse to follow general Police protocol, however you can show lenience towards a certain group (not immunity). 4. You cannot open fire upon someone until they fire at you, however you can taser them if they are evading arrest in any way.
  3. Arrow's Admin Application

  4. Thanks for the updates boss, good luck to you and your assignments
  5. Prisonbreak terminated

    shame to hear it, I'm sure there'll be a surge in future and it'll pick back up, but good work on trying to make it happen
  6. good job old fella, take your time and thanks for the well wishes
  7. good work boss, looking forward to it
  8. what's gooood

    looking forward to it, old fella
  9. what's gooood

    I remember you g, we chilled on MC when that was a thing in 2014 or something, I THINK my old name was MattWilliams or something other
  10. what's gooood

    it's real good to see this back, for years I've been checking back every once in a while to see if you'd ever return, tell you what- i'm fucking ecstatic I remember a bunch of dirty old dogs playing THE best downtown map since release, rp_downtown_2010tg_v1 I ran under different names but not as if that shit matters, I've been back and fourth since 2010 and man, it's great to be back
  11. Zop

    nice to see you around again, g


Established 2009. Formerly Australian Gaming Federation (Aus-GF)