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Welcome to Trident-Gaming (formerly Aus-GF)

iH! Welcome to Trident-Gaming (formerly Aus-GF), 

We've been around since 2009 and after a long tiring hiatus we are back as a permanent community.

Becoming a member of Trident allows you to interact with our playerbase and engage in exciting events, competitions and other upcoming items.

You can also participate in our discussions, upload maps, talk just about anything and much more.

Also, this is the place you go to resolve your ban or report a user for misconduct.

Whatever your purpose, we hope to see you soon!


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  1. Hello

  2. Casual?

    Alot of the GO community play casual/competitive and possibly having a community casual server could bring a base of different players into the mix, i know its alot different from tridents usual servers but maybe instead of looking to branch out into minigames and whatnot we could give this a shot? ive played on KZG which have a server that is causual mixed with competitive big 20+ games with less rounds but with similar aspects to competitive. Ive also noticed that FFA deathmatch seems to be fairly popular even though im not a fan. I know most people go for matchmaking but a fair few people enjoy to play on the same community server if they enjoy the playerbase. before matchmaking i used to help run the top ranked aus CS:GO server which was a classic 24 slot casual server which gained a massive regular playerbase of fairly skilled GO players, which helped populate the forums as well as the servers. Just a few ideas but could work?
  3. Nag for an update

    Once again in need of an update
  4. what's gooood

    I remember you Good to see ya back and hopefully we can somewhat relive the old days soon

    I've gotta touch ya right now!
  6. Corrupted

    I will try to get my old PC up and running sometime soon to try and find a bunch of old tG bsp's if you want to have a crack at porting them @CounterTunes or if anyone wants too. I also found one of Samuel's old maps for GO but its huge and may possibly crash the server not too sure http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=122672736&searchtext=2213
  7. Nag for an update

    Counter Update - Global Update
  8. Garry's Mod

    I reckon wait even longer, see how CS goes first if things are going well maybe talk Gmod in like 6 months, unless you have a big enough admin team up for it.
  9. End Round Music Suggestions

    Could in Aussie spirit use either a snippet from the chorus of land down under or this home among the gum trees remix
  10. Nag for an update

    Needs another update
  11. Reminiscing

    Oh how the tables have turned
  12. Reminiscing

    I dunno why but i love it aha :s Found this bloody drug addict Pingers.mp4 @CounterTunes I also just found a whole folder full of wildkillas old prank calls back in 09/10 and some death alley back when trin was head admin, ill get them up soon
  13. Reminiscing

    s4s with myself, Wolfie and Reaper https://youtu.be/6kFOj-UXds8 Jesus trynna set up his cousin https://youtu.be/SjHL_YhPSio Chips going off his nutt https://youtu.be/vA3hDD0Nswo
  14. Bugs/Issues with forums

    While trying to reply to a topic in general discussion with a video embedded it constantly fails saying 403 forbidden followed by a captcha verification
  15. Zop


Established 2009. Formerly Australian Gaming Federation (Aus-GF)