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Welcome to Trident-Gaming (formerly Aus-GF)

iH! Welcome to Trident-Gaming (formerly Aus-GF), 

We've been around since 2009 and after a long tiring hiatus we are back as a permanent community.

Becoming a member of Trident allows you to interact with our playerbase and engage in exciting events, competitions and other upcoming items.

You can also participate in our discussions, upload maps, talk just about anything and much more.

Also, this is the place you go to resolve your ban or report a user for misconduct.

Whatever your purpose, we hope to see you soon!


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  1. Weekly update 17/01/2018

    So every week just like the old days, I will post a weekly summary of the things happening around us. Sometimes they may not be a weekly summary depending on if nothing has happened. Surf Wise It's been 5 days since surf has been back, while I don't have a lot of information about its performance, I can give some early insights. The community reaction has been really positive and we're making great strides in bringing oldies back. The public reaction has been negative, complaints about us not "casualising" the server (implementing fall damage) has been the general reaction to a lot of newbies Random population surges have been pleasant, we should see more of that soon. The long-term goal is that our classic attitude to surf will rack in more CS:S seniors and cause growth - but that will be slow. Implementation of plugins, new maps and general changes such as round times are everlasting and your suggestions will be really handy! You know where to go to dump shit on me to get things done. Donations Wise Obviously we haven't had a lot of donations (by a lot I mean none) but I'm not fearing about that. The commitments from you guys have been good enough to put my woes to rest. Realistically we can last on my bank for probably a good 6 months before I start crying myself to sleep. Prisonbreak Wise I'm really happy to announce that we are on track to delivering a "wonderful" experience sometime in February. @Dustywood made a good point that we should make a launch night, and I can confirm there will be one and it will be published in advanced. I'm hoping soon I'll be able to finalise our head admins, our general admin team and have a wide array of classic maps to satisfy. Our rules list will be published next week, but note it will be a draft. Not a finalised version. And you can make suggestions! ------------------- That concludes our weekly summary. I'll see you next week. ToddCounter

    Global Rules: No flaming. No harassment, trolling, abuse, targeting of any kind for whatever reason. If you wouldn't want your grandma seeing it, tag the thread [NSFW]. No backseat moderating. Use descriptive thread titles. No advertising of any sort unless they are affiliated with Trident. We are an English speaking board, therefore you must speak English. No illegal content, this includes Warez or CP. We will contact the authorities if this is breached. Some sub-forums may override specific global rules and therefore are permitted to do so. Do not spam. One word posts are disallowed unless the purpose of the thread is for one word posts. Do not quote deleted posts. Do not evade your forum ban. No derailing. Shocking content, clickbaity titles or anything of that magnitude is forbidden. No malware, viruses or any nasty applications are to be linked or attached. Admin/Moderation Applications: You must use the forms provided (if there is forms provided) to post a thread in these sections. You may only post 1 thread. If your thread is denied, you are allowed to reapply after 1 month. You may not post in these sections if you are currently game banned for any reason. +1 posts do not mean approval, it means doubt. Head Admins and Community Lead members decide the outcome of your application, user input is a bonus that may or may not help your case. You are to not self bump your own threads. You are not to tag admins or anyone else to your thread. Unban/Ban Request You may post in any of these threads if you, Have an eyewitness account. Are providing details such as sourcebans or steamID's. Any additional information which is useful or handy. Keep your opinions to yourself and do not post them on the thread. You are not to tag any admins including the respective admin. You are not to bump your own threads. You may only post 1 unban appeal. If your ban is a permanent ban, you may reapply after 3 months. If your permanent ban has been denied the 2nd time, you must wait an additional 3 months. This rolls on the more it is denied. If your ban is a month ban, you're given 1 more chance to reapply after a week. Only the respective admin or higher ups are to intervene on Unban Request. Other admins are under no circumstances allowed to intervene. Admins must post a detailed reason as to why they either accepted or denied a ban request. Admin Complaints The severity of this forum means that a strong "no shit posting" rule applies, any breaches and you will face a week ban either in game or on the forums. You are not allowed to tell anyone that you filed a request while it is being investigated. When you submit your complaint, you must not tell anyone INCLUDING the respective admin of your choice as they will know soon enough. You may only post 1 thread and may post as many as you want to regardless if your past ones have been denied. You will lose access if you spam or abuse this section and may cop a ban. Chatbox Do not post images in Chatbox, link them. Do not spam the chatbox. All global rules apply in the chatbox.
  3. People of Trident

    You know the game.
  4. Combine Surf with Minigames?

    Just wondering if anyone on here might think its a good idea
  5. Our official monthly donation fund is now ready to go. Please help us meet our monthly target!

  6. A lot of the issues we were having should be plugged. If not I guess I gotta DO MORE WORK


    I'm very happy to announce that our combat surf server is now up and ready. All the old maps from Aus-GF are here, no new ones yet. There will be bugs and issues however. I can't stress this enough. But please post them all in Surf General for me to look at and work on. Administrators for the new server are as follows: Root Access: @CounterTunes @Azrael Head Admins: @ChipsHandon @DarkAvenger Admins: @Curley @ch0pst1xZ @Dustywood @PEZ More will be added soon. To all admins, please check your inboxes shortly with your login details. This is only the first step of many in the revival process, I'm hoping you all love it and have a fun time. VIP benefits are coming soon. If you donate now, I'll note it and give you a bonus month as we try and patch all this up. Thanks, ToddCounter
  8. Bugs/Issues with forums

    Alrighty I updated the theme (lmao) and it seems that all is good now?
  9. Surf Testing

    Updated, ty for the heads up
  10. Surf Testing
  11. Surf Testing

    Ah fuck the only place the IP is at is in bans. I'll post the IP here
  12. Additional Maps

    Hey guys Currently the surf server is rocking (and will be rocking) with all the old Aus-GF surf maps as given to me in a sweet archive However, many of these maps are 3-4 years old, and might be considered, a tad stale. If you've got any suggestions for new maps, dump them in here. Quick pointers: They gotta be combat They've gotta have been released/updated no more than 2 years ago Gotta at least look fun Dump them in here (preferably not from the workshop) and I'll add them in. Here's what the rotation currently has plated: surf_leet_swg surf_abhorrence_ctgo surf_akai_final_csgo_beta_2 surf_banocanyon_swgfix surf_bigramp_csgo_final surf_buck-wild_csgo surf_cram surf_csgo_10x_v2_FIX surf_dustwave_b1 surf_elk_clover_zeta surf_greatriver_remix_csgo_r2 surf_greatriver_xdream_ctfix surf_green_b3 surf_japan_ptad_swg_v3 surf_leet_xl_beta7z_swg surf_legends_lite surf_machine_remix_csgo surf_mai_remix_ctgo surf_mania_b1 surf_mastermind_a1_1 surf_matrix_v8_csgo surf_monster_dust2fix_go surf_newb_conquer_r2 surf_pulse_v2 surf_ski_2_go surf_ski_2_night_csgo surf_spacezone_bugfix surf_utopia_v3 surf_water-run_b5
  13. Man I hadn't even posted the template and you still did it. Mad man. In all seriousness, I'm okay with you being our JB admin even tho you pretty much tell me your gonna rope me up and fuck me. I want to hear from everyone else tho
  14. SURF- Admin Application - PEZ

    You're already marked admin on discord so congrats Accepted
  15. Bugs/Issues with forums

    Yeah noticed this too, with this theme. I'm going to see what I can do, maybe even contact their support if I can't figure it out.


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