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iH! Welcome to Trident-Gaming (formerly Aus-GF), 

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  1. Maintenance 12/3/2018

    The Prison Break server will be undergoing essential maintenance to prepare itself for our official opening ceremony. The changes are: Addition of VIP Checking all maps to make sure none crash the server Making sure all the plugins work Admin list updated You can expect this to be out of service from today until Friday. For any inquiries, DM me or hit me up on Discord at CounterTunes#0028 Thank you.
  2. uhhhhh Surf Wise Our surf server is again more active-r since disabling fall damage. As much of a hard decision it was, it was worth it and now the server is being used a lot more without a lot of complaints. We'll be adding more shit to it soon to make it a little more appealing. Oldies Wise The time where I cared about nostalgia is over, from this point onwards I can't give a shit if something we didn't do in 2013, 2014 cannot be done now because of "muh nostalgia". I'm trying to attract a new, charismatic and fresh audience. As much as I love the oldies, a lot of them aren't on anymore and are kind of backseat moderators in my head. Rapid changes are not to be expected. Prison Break Wise Not a lot of people on, but that's okay, we needed a blessing ceremony. I'm putting the call out, on the 17th of March (this Saturday) I'm inviting everyone to participate in our official launch party. I call upon everyone to jump on around 7pm Queensland Time to freekill order terrorist to do random shit. There is still some work to be done but nothing exciting. Gmod wise Yes we're getting our first server, thanks to @Harbard. The server is an affiliate of us which doesn't mean much aside from the fact it is not on Streamline and I'm not fronting the bills. The Gmod server will sport DarkRP along with a bunch of custom plugins and shit that I'm sure will make all of you want to pull your fucking hair out. No exact launch date yet, but expect something in April-May. Minigames Wise A minigames server will be coming through the pipes in April. The purpose of minigames will be everything ranging from your standard MG shit, to bob, death run and anything else that doesn't fit. I'm excited to get working on it and I think it'll definitely be a good server for us to have. The confirmed slots right now is 20. ------------------- That concludes our weekly summary. I'll see you next week. ToddCounter
  3. Fall Damage

    As many of you know, when I first restarted Trident, I pledged to go back to the old routes. Unfortunately, somethings will need to change, and that something is fall damage. The environment we are in with video games is apparent, the casualisation of servers is here and seems to be going nowhere. While we tried to cater to a minority of oldies and old CS goons who loved to break their knees from falling off a ramp, this is no longer feasible. Without further ado, I am today making it impossible to die by falling thus making us one of the others in the mix. We will find ways to make ourselves noticed, but this is the first step in a long process. I'm sorry that we had to do this but I'm out of options. ToddCounter
  4. Nag for an update

  5. Nag for an update

  6. PRISONBREAK NOW OUT After a whole 3 weeks of building this fucking thing, getting it fixed and harrassing @Demoan to pump code out of his ass. I can happily announce the return of Prisonbreak. Prisonbreak is operating by the classic rule set which I couldn't find so I tried to remember what we used to follow, you can read it here. THIS IS A STRICT NO PRE-WARN SERVER Just like the old days, you cannot mass command prisoners nor be a warden. Rules r rules kids. Admins and regulars (old timers I'm talking to you) need to remind our new players of our traditions and culture when they join. POINTERS: SUMMER JAIL: Summer Jail is not on here atm. Reason is, the new one is designed for a warden server and therefore allows T's to easily get to the gunroom without any effort. I'm literally talking a push of the button. I will try and find a classic summer jail in which this cannot happen. CORRUPTED: Is not ported but will be soon. Sorry for the delay ABNER RES (end round songs): Are not on here yet but can be disabled in advanced if you hate my taste. VIP/STORE: Not on here yet either, but will be in the near future. SOCCER MAPS: May not work properly, the ball just doesn't wanna roll. Currently sniffing a cfg variable I'm missing. SIMON SAYS: Simon Says is on and working and the rules are in place, don't fuck this up. Go have fun and enjoy the ride. I'll be on a bit tonight just making sure the boat steers. Otherwise have fun and enjoy it. ToddCounter
  7. You know how it goooooooooooooooooooooes Activity Wise Absolutely deplorable. But mostly my fault for not really being on. Double oops. Admins have been warned that their activity must be up to the standards they (forcefully) agreed to. Those that cannot commit, must resign. Simple and easy. Else I'll spare them the task of them messaging me. I understand that progress has been slow but you must understand that I had personal commitments, I guess we all do but shit changes from now. I'll probably go as far as installing some checker, idk. Prisonbreak Wise Is practically complete. The last thing we need is: Store/VIP The round to not end at 0 Once we have those two done, we can open it up. We will probably open it without an official ceremony at first due to the fact that I'm busy on every weekend until the 10th of March. But we probably will organise something in the week. I will be removing the password once everything is up to scratch. From then on, it's gonna be wild. VIP Wise The ongoing issue of finding a solution to telling the fucking forums to communicate with the game server is coming to its absolute peak where I am no longer interested in toying with this shit anymore. The solution will probably be through some marketplace software you can buy that does everything for you. This will mean VIP is gonna be at a set price. The model in my head on how its going to work is simple. It's just a one tier pack ($5 all the way to $50, you get everything it's just pay how you want). Forum donations are separate and considered goodwill gestures. Anyone who donates to the forums will be marked ForumVIP but may not be gameVIP. ForumVIP along with Discord will be forever, and the game servers will be per month. What do you think of that? ------------------- That concludes our weekly summary. I'll see you next week. ToddCounter
  8. PRISONBREAK! Changelog

    21/02/18 Cleaned up CFG Map time now at 8 Removed a map from rotation due to a game breaking error
  9. COMBAT SURF! Changelog

    21/02/18 Cleaned up CFG All maps should have a time limit of 5
  10. Nag for an update

  11. Before I go to the movies for some v day celebrations of sorts, I should make one of these. Me Wise I'm an egotistical prick, let's start off with me. As you know, I had a pretty fairly major health crisis a week ago. I can happily report I am a healthy man, with a probable chance of this ear infection reappearing. It's fun times here, every year. Hopefully tho I should be well to work on the server but who knows. Prison Break Wise Holy hell, it actually bloody works! Yes, the PB server is 60% near completion. We have 22 maps, all of which you can see here. We even have a custom Simon Says plugin developed by the gifted @Demoan . It works just like the old one, albeit its loud as fuck right now and requires a 75% threshold to work. You can play around with it in the test server. Next, VIP and store plugins to come through, we'll also probably throw on auto-bhop as well. Opening ceremony posts will be here soon, aiming for probably the 24th at this rate. I'll let you all know. But likelihood is this, the server will open up earlier than the ceremony just so we can start really testing it out without VIP's in. By next week, I will of formed my conclusion. Surf Wise VIP and Store now work and actually like to communicate with the database. Utopia was removed due to the server chucking a hissy fit, we still have a Utopia variant called Utopia night for those who love Utopia. I apologise for this. Otherwise, the server is functional, more maps on the way as always and I'll be adding some more goodies soon. Keep an eye peeled for it. ------------------- That concludes our weekly summary. I'll see you next week. ToddCounter
  12. Maplist

    ba_coastal_jail_final_v1 ba_jail_canyondam_go ba_jail_fg_blackops_v01 ba_jail_lego_prison_final ba_jail_mars_csgo ba_jail_mars_csgo ba_xg_starline_v1_1 jb_2000_v2 jb_colourful jb_dust2 jb_facebook jb_lego_jail_v8_final jb_mini_planet_minecraft_v3 jb_mist_v1 jb_renegade_v5 jb_renegade_v5 jb_russianconcrete jb_slayersgaming_r2 jb_snow_v2 jb_space_jail_sg jb_spy_vs_spy_beta7 jb_spy_vs_spy_xmas jb_summer_jail_v2 jb_undertale_v1
  13. PRISONBREAK! Changelog

    14/02/2018 22 Maps uploaded Custom simon says plugin enabled Hosties is on and configured Password protection taken off for a short time, now back on.
  14. COMBAT SURF! Changelog

    14/02/ Store and VIP now work Started cleaning up CFG files


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