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Surf's up (and back!) --->

Welcome to Trident-Gaming (formerly Aus-GF)

iH! Welcome to Trident-Gaming (formerly Aus-GF), 

We've been around since 2009 and after a long tiring hiatus we are back as a permanent community.

Becoming a member of Trident allows you to interact with our playerbase and engage in exciting events, competitions and other upcoming items.

You can also participate in our discussions, upload maps, talk just about anything and much more.

Also, this is the place you go to resolve your ban or report a user for misconduct.

Whatever your purpose, we hope to see you soon!


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    Doors can legally kill people pls
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    So every week just like the old days, I will post a weekly summary of the things happening around us. Sometimes they may not be a weekly summary depending on if nothing has happened. Surf Wise It's been 5 days since surf has been back, while I don't have a lot of information about its performance, I can give some early insights. The community reaction has been really positive and we're making great strides in bringing oldies back. The public reaction has been negative, complaints about us not "casualising" the server (implementing fall damage) has been the general reaction to a lot of newbies Random population surges have been pleasant, we should see more of that soon. The long-term goal is that our classic attitude to surf will rack in more CS:S seniors and cause growth - but that will be slow. Implementation of plugins, new maps and general changes such as round times are everlasting and your suggestions will be really handy! You know where to go to dump shit on me to get things done. Donations Wise Obviously we haven't had a lot of donations (by a lot I mean none) but I'm not fearing about that. The commitments from you guys have been good enough to put my woes to rest. Realistically we can last on my bank for probably a good 6 months before I start crying myself to sleep. Prisonbreak Wise I'm really happy to announce that we are on track to delivering a "wonderful" experience sometime in February. @Dustywood made a good point that we should make a launch night, and I can confirm there will be one and it will be published in advanced. I'm hoping soon I'll be able to finalise our head admins, our general admin team and have a wide array of classic maps to satisfy. Our rules list will be published next week, but note it will be a draft. Not a finalised version. And you can make suggestions! ------------------- That concludes our weekly summary. I'll see you next week. ToddCounter


Established 2009. Formerly Australian Gaming Federation (Aus-GF)