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Welcome to Trident-Gaming (formerly Aus-GF)

iH! Welcome to Trident-Gaming (formerly Aus-GF), 

We've been around since 2009 and after a long tiring hiatus we are back as a permanent community.

Becoming a member of Trident allows you to interact with our playerbase and engage in exciting events, competitions and other upcoming items.

You can also participate in our discussions, upload maps, talk just about anything and much more.

Also, this is the place you go to resolve your ban or report a user for misconduct.

Whatever your purpose, we hope to see you soon!


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    Playername PEZ SteamID STEAM_1:0:23314532 Steam Community URL: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198006894792/home What is your current age? 26 Do you have a microphone? Yes In 140 characters, please give us a short description of yourself. 26 year old from Melbourne who also plays on the surf server Why do you want to be apart of the Trident Administration Team? already appart of the surf admin team and would like to also help out on JB, have had experience on CSS JB servers way back when deadmouu5 was around. Do you agree to all the terms set out in our rules section? Yes
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    I personally at this point in time have no intent of playing Dark RP and its my opinion that we wait and see how JB goes before we consider it. JB will be hard enough to get going and there's no point contemplating dark RP if we struggle with with a jb server. Looking at "what to do next" I think we should just focus on populating our 2 servers and encourage people to take a look at the forums, once we have a nice little player base we can then ask them what they would prefer and give the people what they want.
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    I reckon wait even longer, see how CS goes first if things are going well maybe talk Gmod in like 6 months, unless you have a big enough admin team up for it.
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    Just the forums trying to be secure
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    Could offer this as a VIP promotion, e.g pay $5.00 for VIP and one of the features is your own choice of music at the end of the round.
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    Not happening now, is it?
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    You can turn it off by typing !res
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    GENERAL: 1. All server rules are in effect from the start of the server to the end. 2. The ratio is 1 Guard: 3 Prisoners (1CT:3T). 3. The use of cheats, hacks or map exploitations is strictly prohibited. 4. Admin discretion is to always be followed and their word is law, treat it as such. 5. Do not mic-spam or chat spam. 6. Do not advertise other servers or communities that are not associated with Trident. 7. Do not ghost (the act of telling alive players where others are while dead). 8. HLDJ and other similar applications are to be used minimally. 9. Your name must be readable and in English. 10. This is an English speaking server and as so, English is to be only spoken. 11. No harassing, trolling or griefing other players. 12. Do not abuse our votekick and voteban systems. 13. Do not impersonate other players or admins. 14. This is a strict NO PRE-WARN, NO WARDEN server. It’s “free-day” everyday. 15. Do not reveal aliasing admins. GUARDS (CT): 16. Cell doors must be open at 7:00 (round starts at 8) else you will not be able to give orders out. 17. You must have a microphone to play as this role. 18. You cannot kill any prisoner without a valid reason else it’s freekilling. 19. You cannot injure any prisoner without a valid reason else it’s free wounding. 10. You are not allowed to camp gun-room at any time. 10.1 You may watch gun-room from a distance however. 11. You are not allowed to gun plant or give weapons to prisoners. 12. You can only order 1 prisoner at a time. 13. You must call the prisoners name out clearly. 14. If you lose sight of the prisoner, the prisoner is free to leave. 15. You must not tell the prisoner to stand still (button freeze) at any time. 16. You cannot tell a prisoner to do an activity which would injure or kill them. 17. You must give clear and reasonable instructions to the prisoner. 18. You must count down your order from 3 seconds and not rush your counting. 19. You may tell the prisoner to not detour or delay. 20. You are allowed to shoot or kill a prisoner who does not obey your orders. 21. Do not kill AFK players for being AFK, give them orders first. 22.You may kill any T on sight if they are: 22.1 Marked rebel 22.2 In the process of rebelling 22.3 Holding a primary weapon 22.4 Aiming their secondary at you or at another guard 22.5 Inside gunroom 23 When the last two prisoners are remaining, last request is in place. 23.1 Regardless of their rebel status, you cannot kill them onsight. 24. You have no right to interrupt or stop lr from happening for whatever reason. PRISONERS (T): 25. You cannot interfere or interrupt LR’s from happening. 26. You cannot rebel or kill other CT’s during LR. SIMON SAYS: 27. Guards must establish a CT only vote for Simon Says. 28. The guard who initiated Simon Says is Simon but must state so. 29. Simon Says must run until Simon is killed or LR is initiated. 30. If Simon is killed, Simon Says is over and normal round begins. 31. Simon is allowed to mass order all prisoners and all prisoners must obey them. 32. Simon is not allowed to tell prisoners to do an activity which would harm them. 33. Other guards are allowed to kill prisoners who have failed what Simon said. 34. Default positions is entirely upon Simon and his discretion. 35. Guards are not allowed to interfere in anyway during Simon Says and cannot order. 36. Guards can kill prisoners disobeying Simon Says. DEATH ALLEY (Corrupted WITH Admin ONLY): 37. Death Alley can only be initiated when an admin is online. 38. All prisoners are to move into gun-room and cannot detour or delay. 39. Prisoners must start at the time set by the admin and cannot begin any sooner. 40. Guards are not allowed to go through vent to infiltrate prisoners. 41. Death Alley ends when either all guards are killed or 2 prisoners are alive. 42. Guards and Prisoners are prohibited from using medic.
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    Bring back the best map I dunno if theres a csgo version but it is the essential map that is needed ASAP.
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    So every week just like the old days, I will post a weekly summary of the things happening around us. Sometimes they may not be a weekly summary depending on if nothing has happened. Surf Wise It's been 5 days since surf has been back, while I don't have a lot of information about its performance, I can give some early insights. The community reaction has been really positive and we're making great strides in bringing oldies back. The public reaction has been negative, complaints about us not "casualising" the server (implementing fall damage) has been the general reaction to a lot of newbies Random population surges have been pleasant, we should see more of that soon. The long-term goal is that our classic attitude to surf will rack in more CS:S seniors and cause growth - but that will be slow. Implementation of plugins, new maps and general changes such as round times are everlasting and your suggestions will be really handy! You know where to go to dump shit on me to get things done. Donations Wise Obviously we haven't had a lot of donations (by a lot I mean none) but I'm not fearing about that. The commitments from you guys have been good enough to put my woes to rest. Realistically we can last on my bank for probably a good 6 months before I start crying myself to sleep. Prisonbreak Wise I'm really happy to announce that we are on track to delivering a "wonderful" experience sometime in February. @Dustywood made a good point that we should make a launch night, and I can confirm there will be one and it will be published in advanced. I'm hoping soon I'll be able to finalise our head admins, our general admin team and have a wide array of classic maps to satisfy. Our rules list will be published next week, but note it will be a draft. Not a finalised version. And you can make suggestions! ------------------- That concludes our weekly summary. I'll see you next week. ToddCounter
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    I've noticed the speed ramps on: surf_leet_swg surf_csgo_10x_v2_FIX don't work correctly, they speed you up then at the end of the ramp they slow you down. P.S not sure if i'm blind or there is no bugs section, sorry.
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    IMO: Nah, they do better on their own. It'd be nice to have both at some stage though.
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    Doors can legally kill people pls
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    It's not that old but here's some footage of TTT from 2014. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gABpHbn_Q-Q
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    Hi all, Many of you may know me as Zop, and I am still probably the longest standing member in the community. My interests include not playing csgo, and hunting communists. Better dead, than red.
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    After the release of Prisonbreak and then the impending launch of Minigames, we'll be investigating the feasibility of Gmod. I want to know if you lot would play on a DarkRP server ran by us. Do note, it's DarkRP not TTT. Let me know what you think.
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    I'm back and cashed up rip my old laptop tuning a sweet 280fps CSGO now I like paintball and stuff Probs the coolest member with no brain cells Waits for the Superbowl to refresh so I can super like everyone on tinder
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    fuck you its shinigami | Rem
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    i cant connect plz fix!!! theres no water how can i surf?
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    ah yes, another server so quickly after starting up. what could go wrong???


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