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Welcome to Trident-Gaming (formerly Aus-GF)

iH! Welcome to Trident-Gaming (formerly Aus-GF), 

We've been around since 2009 and after a long tiring hiatus we are back as a permanent community.

Becoming a member of Trident allows you to interact with our playerbase and engage in exciting events, competitions and other upcoming items.

You can also participate in our discussions, upload maps, talk just about anything and much more.

Also, this is the place you go to resolve your ban or report a user for misconduct.

Whatever your purpose, we hope to see you soon!

Ongoing Costs

Ongoing Costs

Goal starts 03/23/2018 and ends 04/24/2018

Hosting costs money, $50/m is what it takes to keep our doors open. Can you help out?

Contact @CounterTunes or @DarkAvenger for any payment issues.

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    115.98 AUD of 50.00 AUD goal reached.


Established 2009. Formerly Australian Gaming Federation (Aus-GF)