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Welcome to Trident-Gaming (formerly Aus-GF)

iH! Welcome to Trident-Gaming (formerly Aus-GF), 

We've been around since 2009 and after a long tiring hiatus we are back as a permanent community.

Becoming a member of Trident allows you to interact with our playerbase and engage in exciting events, competitions and other upcoming items.

You can also participate in our discussions, upload maps, talk just about anything and much more.

Also, this is the place you go to resolve your ban or report a user for misconduct.

Whatever your purpose, we hope to see you soon!

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  2. donates $50 goals gets reset to $50 don't get to look like a good boi :'(

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  4. Prisonbreak terminated

    shame to hear it, I'm sure there'll be a surge in future and it'll pick back up, but good work on trying to make it happen
  5. Prisonbreak terminated

    Because of low player turnout, ongoing issues and the fact it's our biggest slot server, Prisonbreak has been terminated. Unlike surf, prisonbreak requires a huge player base and dedicated playerbase to make it successful, we didn't have any of that. Prison Break isn't going to be fully gone, I am performing a backup and we can always bring it back when we get more players. It was too ambitious for our second server. I apologise for the inconvenience, ToddCounter
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  7. Casual?

    Definitely something I'm going to consider
  8. Casual?

    Alot of the GO community play casual/competitive and possibly having a community casual server could bring a base of different players into the mix, i know its alot different from tridents usual servers but maybe instead of looking to branch out into minigames and whatnot we could give this a shot? ive played on KZG which have a server that is causual mixed with competitive big 20+ games with less rounds but with similar aspects to competitive. Ive also noticed that FFA deathmatch seems to be fairly popular even though im not a fan. I know most people go for matchmaking but a fair few people enjoy to play on the same community server if they enjoy the playerbase. before matchmaking i used to help run the top ranked aus CS:GO server which was a classic 24 slot casual server which gained a massive regular playerbase of fairly skilled GO players, which helped populate the forums as well as the servers. Just a few ideas but could work?
  9. good job old fella, take your time and thanks for the well wishes
  10. Nag for an update

    This thread is deprecated For all nags, go to Discord
  11. uhhh Prisonbreak "Opening" Wise We had a turnout of 6, 4 oldies, 2 newies. Not really too happy but I'll claim responsibility. The date of it was a bit out of peoples reach, I mean on Saturday half this community is out popping pingas and dying in the club so I should of known better. But as a result, I'm happy to announce Prisonbreak Thursdays PB Thursdays will (obviously) take place on the jailbreak server from 7pm - whenever AEST. This will be a sorta requirement for any admins to hop in. The goal is to get our name out. Surf Wise Expect more maps this week. Minigames Wise Assessment has me down in the pits so this might not be happening till later. Still happening tho. Gmod Wise @Harbard has been bogged down with some serious IRL issues which took absolute priority. The whole community wishes his the best and our condolences for your loss. Gmod is still going to be launched but not until he gets back on his feet. Whenever that will be is up to him. ------------------- That concludes our weekly summary. I'll see you next week. ToddCounter
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  13. what's gooood

    Sup mah fucka, I don't remember you but welcome back regardless.
  14. I'll be on tomorrow if my computer allows it, after we vote in SA for which idiot reigns supreme
  15. Maintenance 12/3/2018

    The Prison Break server will be undergoing essential maintenance to prepare itself for our official opening ceremony. The changes are: Addition of VIP Checking all maps to make sure none crash the server Making sure all the plugins work Admin list updated You can expect this to be out of service from today until Friday. For any inquiries, DM me or hit me up on Discord at CounterTunes#0028 Thank you.
  16. again and as all ways ill do what i can to help
  17. good work boss, looking forward to it
  18. uhhhhh Surf Wise Our surf server is again more active-r since disabling fall damage. As much of a hard decision it was, it was worth it and now the server is being used a lot more without a lot of complaints. We'll be adding more shit to it soon to make it a little more appealing. Oldies Wise The time where I cared about nostalgia is over, from this point onwards I can't give a shit if something we didn't do in 2013, 2014 cannot be done now because of "muh nostalgia". I'm trying to attract a new, charismatic and fresh audience. As much as I love the oldies, a lot of them aren't on anymore and are kind of backseat moderators in my head. Rapid changes are not to be expected. Prison Break Wise Not a lot of people on, but that's okay, we needed a blessing ceremony. I'm putting the call out, on the 17th of March (this Saturday) I'm inviting everyone to participate in our official launch party. I call upon everyone to jump on around 7pm Queensland Time to freekill order terrorist to do random shit. There is still some work to be done but nothing exciting. Gmod wise Yes we're getting our first server, thanks to @Harbard. The server is an affiliate of us which doesn't mean much aside from the fact it is not on Streamline and I'm not fronting the bills. The Gmod server will sport DarkRP along with a bunch of custom plugins and shit that I'm sure will make all of you want to pull your fucking hair out. No exact launch date yet, but expect something in April-May. Minigames Wise A minigames server will be coming through the pipes in April. The purpose of minigames will be everything ranging from your standard MG shit, to bob, death run and anything else that doesn't fit. I'm excited to get working on it and I think it'll definitely be a good server for us to have. The confirmed slots right now is 20. ------------------- That concludes our weekly summary. I'll see you next week. ToddCounter
  19. Fall Damage

    As many of you know, when I first restarted Trident, I pledged to go back to the old routes. Unfortunately, somethings will need to change, and that something is fall damage. The environment we are in with video games is apparent, the casualisation of servers is here and seems to be going nowhere. While we tried to cater to a minority of oldies and old CS goons who loved to break their knees from falling off a ramp, this is no longer feasible. Without further ado, I am today making it impossible to die by falling thus making us one of the others in the mix. We will find ways to make ourselves noticed, but this is the first step in a long process. I'm sorry that we had to do this but I'm out of options. ToddCounter
  20. Nag for an update

  21. Nag for an update

    Once again in need of an update
  22. Nag for an update

  23. Nag for an update

    both servers need an update
  24. what's gooood

    looking forward to it, old fella
  25. what's gooood

    I remember you Good to see ya back and hopefully we can somewhat relive the old days soon

    I've gotta touch ya right now!
  27. Zop

  28. PRISONBREAK NOW OUT After a whole 3 weeks of building this fucking thing, getting it fixed and harrassing @Demoan to pump code out of his ass. I can happily announce the return of Prisonbreak. Prisonbreak is operating by the classic rule set which I couldn't find so I tried to remember what we used to follow, you can read it here. THIS IS A STRICT NO PRE-WARN SERVER Just like the old days, you cannot mass command prisoners nor be a warden. Rules r rules kids. Admins and regulars (old timers I'm talking to you) need to remind our new players of our traditions and culture when they join. POINTERS: SUMMER JAIL: Summer Jail is not on here atm. Reason is, the new one is designed for a warden server and therefore allows T's to easily get to the gunroom without any effort. I'm literally talking a push of the button. I will try and find a classic summer jail in which this cannot happen. CORRUPTED: Is not ported but will be soon. Sorry for the delay ABNER RES (end round songs): Are not on here yet but can be disabled in advanced if you hate my taste. VIP/STORE: Not on here yet either, but will be in the near future. SOCCER MAPS: May not work properly, the ball just doesn't wanna roll. Currently sniffing a cfg variable I'm missing. SIMON SAYS: Simon Says is on and working and the rules are in place, don't fuck this up. Go have fun and enjoy the ride. I'll be on a bit tonight just making sure the boat steers. Otherwise have fun and enjoy it. ToddCounter
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